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Jim Ross's latest blog: Reigns mic work, Mr. Perfect, Divas, more

Ratish Menon
1.61K   //    11 Feb 2015, 15:24 IST
JR is back with his latest blog 

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog and good Ol’ JR shares with the fans his thoughts on the present day product and a look back at a late legend. Below are some highlights from the post:

- Thought Roman Reigns mic work showed improvement. He seems to be the kind of talent who works much better with a bullet point format than adding the additional challenge of ‘remembering his lines’ to the always challenging promo facet of one’s game in the biz. Mic work doesn’t happen over night and too many fans show no patience while these skills are being developed. Reigns is far from the only talent on RAW that needs to work on that phase of their game. It’s an on going process that doesn’t come naturally for every talent. Reigns has great presence and knows that he has to become more proficient with his verbal game and I’m confident that will occur in time.

- I wish that the audience would care more about the Divas but I can see why they don’t more often than not. WWE has and are assembling some outstanding female talents.

- Didn’t have any issues with the Sting-HHH presentation but in hindsight I did not need to see the image of Sting entering the ring. Thought the graphics and overall video production was excellent. Looking forward to this confrontation.

- Booking Cesaro and Kidd as WWE’s top tag team seems like an easy transformation to me. I’d have no issue in re-building the tag team around these two underutilized talents.

- It seems that no matter who is announced to be inducted into the WWE HOF some fans simply cannot be satisfied or happy and instead make the announcement about someone that they feel has been passed over or is more deserving. Has anyone been really passed over as anyone not inducted still has a viable chance in being honored in the future. I’m happy for Rikishi and his family.

- 12 years ago today Curt Hennig aka Mr. Perfect or “Perfecto”as Razor Ramon called him passed away. We went into the 2007 WWE HOF class together and he was one of the funniest men I ever met in the business. I think it was the Bobby Heenan/AWA influence plus being around “The Boys” all his life. Curt was amazedly gifted and one helluva in ring hand. We had a blast doing some commentary together as he, like Hennan and Lawler, could show up w/o much prep, sit down and be great.

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