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Jinder Mahal- From champion to jobber in one year

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Jinder Mahal has dropped down to the mid-card
Modified 28 Feb 2019

Jinder Mahal had a good 2017-18 year becoming both WWE and United States champion. After making a return to earn his contract by beating Heath Slater on an episode of RAW, it seemed as if they were willing to take a chance on him.

Not only did he return but he did it while in the best shape of his life. Setting him apart from his 3MB days, he looked tall, muscular, and was good on the mic. He was pretty much the type of superstar Vince McMahon would always push to the forefront.

Mahal also carried himself like a true champion by looking the part with his fancy suits and lavish lifestyle and was also a good heel character along with the help of the Singh brothers. Following his loss of the WWE championship, his return to the company after being let go before now seemed like a waste of time as he is in no talks of any title picture.

Both His Championship Reigns

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The reason behind Mahal’s championship reign in the first place was to set a good example as, at the time, WWE was in line to visit India and wanted to have someone represent the country as the face of the brand.

After the partnership, Mahal fell back into the mid-card picture. Here is where you find the United States and tag team titles. After pinning Rusev in a fatal four-way along with Bobby Roode and Randy Orton, he became the U.S. champion only to lose it a week later to Jeff Hardy.

This dropped his career back into the lower card where he works as a jobber participating in matches with no real storyline as if he was never a former champion at all.

What Should Be Next For Mahal?

Not so much Mahal, but the Singh brothers need to change as well. They have to drop the dancing and the calming chants and re-channel that aggression he had while he was champion. These three individuals have what it takes to not only reclaim the WWE championship but the tag championships as well.


It doesn't make sense to have someone who was on top of the mountain at one point look so weak and being lost in the shuffle.

They should utilize his potential, outside of the mix-match challenge, and have him become that heel who once again will speak to his people in his native language of Punjabi.

Published 28 Feb 2019, 09:51 IST
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