Jinny: "NXT UK is back and it's bigger than ever" [Exclusive]

Jinny is ready for the return of NXT UK.
Jinny is ready for the return of NXT UK.

NXT UK makes its monumental return to the WWE Network after almost half a year away, before returning to broadcast television via BT Sport tomorrow.

We're gearing up for a new-look NXT UK, though, as it emanates from BT Sport Studios, with the brand making London its new home for the foreseeable future.

Ahead of the return of the UK brand of WWE, we had the pleasure of catching up with NXT UK's resident Fashionista - Jinny - to ask all about what we can expect going forward.

Sportskeeda meets NXT UK Superstar Jinny

Ahead of the return of NXT UK, we caught up with The Fashionista - Jinny.

You can watch that entire chat below or read on for more.


My first question was going to be - what do you think of my shirt? But I see Andy Shepherd didn't get a really good part of that deal when he asked you on Instagram live a few weeks back. So maybe we'll just skip that part and go down to the important stuff...

Listen, I have to say. One thing is, Andy Shepherd's shirt was much better than yours, and I really didn't like it, so I'm absolutely appalled to think that you think that that shirt is acceptable to wear whilst you're interviewing The Fashionista.

That's why you're the person with cameras on you every week!

We need to get down to the most important thing - NXT UK is back. It's been a long time coming, although obviously, the production team has been churning out some great stuff, some almost fresh content for the past few months, but it's great to actually have wrestling coming back to the UK.

It's been a little while since you've been in the ring. Obviously, there's a new home, but there's still a little bit of uncertainty there. What was it like just getting to be back in a wrestling environment, and what can we expect from NXT UK going forward?

It was great being back. Anyone who's a wrestler will say the same thing as me.

Being away for a week or two weeks if you're on holiday is fine, but being away for that long from your second home, you miss it so much.

So, just being back and being back at BT Studios, the new home for NXT UK, is absolutely fantastic.

It's taken NXT UK to a whole new level.

This is definitely an exciting time, and almost, in a way, it makes you appreciate the break we've had because the relaunch is going to be absolutely fantastic. But as you said, the production team did do such a good job as well and producing content with the Hidden Gems, so it was nice to make sure that the audience and the fans didn't forget who we were, and we took them on a little bit of a journey. But now that we're back, we're back and bigger than ever, and it's going to be absolutely amazing.

Next: Jinny discusses the return of NXT UK, and the brand's new home - BT Sport Studios.

Sportskeeda meets NXT UK Superstar Jinny

Ahead of the return of NXT UK, we caught up with WWE's Fashionista - Jinny. That interview continues below...

Jinny is ready to take her place at the top of the mountain.
Jinny is ready to take her place at the top of the mountain.

You mentioned it there, the new venue - BT Sport Studios. I managed to catch a couple of matches there back in January for the launch of WWE on BT Sport, and I was just like, "Man, there should be more wrestling in this venue!"

Obviously, it's not great the way we've got there, but what do you think of the prospect of wrestling in that wonderful venue but with no fans? Do you think that's something that will see maybe fans gradually seep into that venue, or do you think we'll maybe go elsewhere in the future?

We always have to play it by ear regarding the current circumstances - when fans are going to be allowed to be back in, how long it's going to take. At the moment, it's just fantastic being back.

The video that Triple H put out of the studios doesn't do it any justice. It really doesn't. It's just so professional, and that's what I mean by NXT UK being taken to a whole new level. It almost lights a fire under you because the production is exactly the same now as RAW, SmackDown, and NXT. We're not just NXT UK - an additional brand. We're NXT UK - another brand of WWE.

Yeah, definitely, and one of my favorite little things that I've seen... I think that came from Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT when he was doing a little wander around the venue was that he mentioned that Shawn Michaels' voice booms across to give a little bit of production aspect to guide things along. What is that like - getting to just hear Shawn Michaels' voice come across? Is that just the most surreal thing ever?

For the first day, it was a bit like, "Okay, I forgot that you're actually able to watch us." Almost a bit like on CCTV. It was absolutely insane hearing Shawn Michaels and Triple H's voices. It was just great.

You get used to it, obviously, as time goes on. But just the fact that we're able to be within BT Studios and having them still watch and having them put in as much effort as they are, it's like that they are actually here with us, so it's definitely something God-like. But, at the same time, it's work, and they have as much passion for NXT UK as every one of us.

Next: Jinny discusses her run in NXT UK thus far.

Sportskeeda meets NXT UK Superstar Jinny

Ahead of the return of NXT UK, we caught up with WWE's Fashionista - Jinny. That interview continues below...

Jinny knows how to make a statement.
Jinny knows how to make a statement.

So, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, all these incredible people that you guys work with as part of NXT UK. I think we are two years into you signing with WWE, but I think three years after you debuted roughly.

In that time, what is the most surreal thing that's happened to you?

So, I debuted for WWE back in 2017. I signed with them in May of 2018. Gosh, it was just so surreal. I remember being at WrestleMania Axxess, and it was myself versus Toni Storm, and it was just absolutely incredible.

The most surreal thing that's happened to me during that time is... It is working with Triple H. It is working with Shawn Michaels. It is being part of the company, working for the company that I grew up watching, and that made me fall in love with wrestling - so, every single day, it's surreal. It's my dream turned into reality. I really can't put it into words.

So as far as I'm aware, the NXT UK Superstars were still working as much as wrestlers can work during lockdown. There were Skull Sessions and acting seminars available to the NXT UK talents.

Is that something that you took the opportunity to do anything with, or were you just trying to stay in physical shape? How were you working during lockdown?

I was doing both. I'm very lucky to have a gym in my garage, so having that there was definitely a game-changer. Even though I have a gym in the garage, I like to go to the gym because you get a different energy and a different vibe when you're there, so it kind of pushes you to work out. But it was great to have that there.

Also, the Skull Sessions and the acting sessions as well. You want to be a well-rounded performer. You want to stick out. You want to make a statement so any sort of help, any sort of training that you can get, you always have to jump at it and it was really nice to have those in place as well because it was a new normality for us. So having some sort of routine in place was great. It keeps you focused.

Next: Jinny discusses the measures put in place for NXT UK's return.

Sportskeeda meets NXT UK Superstar Jinny

Ahead of the return of NXT UK, we caught up with WWE's Fashionista - Jinny. That interview continues below...

Jinny is no stranger to tough competition.
Jinny is no stranger to tough competition.

Something you mentioned there was a new normality. We mentioned lack of crowd, and all the videos that I've seen from NXT UK at BT Sport Studios, from the press day stuff, everyone's wearing masks, they're all distanced.

Did you guys have to have any kind of special measures in place before returning or while taping or anything like that, while you were there?

We have to follow government guidelines. I think WWE have done a fantastic job in the US and also here as well to make sure everyone is safeguarded, make sure everyone is healthy and looked after.

It's definitely a new normal. It's something that everybody in the world has to get used to - but being able to be protected and also do something that you love, it was great. It really was, and they made sure that everyone was all okay.

Before we get on the last couple of questions about Jinny, I'm going to take it away from Jinny for a little second. It's a clean slate now - many might say - because it's been so long without content, so maybe it's a fresh start for a lot of people.

Who, apart from Jinny, is the one NXT UK Superstar people should be paying attention to and should be keeping a close eye on when it returns?

Ooh! Obviously me, as you said that. I'm going to say there's quite a few. I'm going to say, Ilja Dragunov, Nina Samuels, WALTER. Also, Isla Dawn as well.

But, as I said, the main person to focus on is the Fashionista.

Next: Jinny discusses her place in NXT UK, what we can expect in the future.

Sportskeeda meets NXT UK Superstar Jinny

Ahead of the return of NXT UK, we caught up with WWE's Fashionista - Jinny. That interview continues below...

Jinny takes on long-term foe Toni Storm
Jinny takes on long-term foe Toni Storm

It's only one week until we see a Women's Championship match between Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven. Obviously, there's a lot of women in NXT UK. You mentioned Isla Dawn and Nina Samuels. There are also new NXT UK talents like Dani Luna and Valkyrie as well.

Where does Jinny fit into the Women's Division? What do you see your place as in the Women's Division in NXT UK right now?

At the top of the mountain.

I'm the queen of NXT UK, but I'm also the uncrowned Champion as well. Kay Lee Ray has something that belongs to me, so regardless of the fact that she's wearing my Championship around her waist, I'm still the queen of the NXT UK, and I'm still above everybody else - men and women.

And I have one last question. I think you kind of answered it there, but I'm going to ask it anyway - what can we expect from Jinny going forward in NXT UK?

More fabulous outfits, as always. I'm most certainly the best-dressed person within NXT UK.

Also, a more ruthless side to me as well. Being away from the ring, especially for so long as I said, it does light a fire under you. I have something that belongs to me that somebody else currently has, and I want it.

So, a more fabulous, ruthless determined Jinny is someone that women don't want to mess with.

NXT UK returns to the WWE Network tonight at 8 PM UK time, and makes its broadcast premiere tomorrow on BT Sport.

You can watch NXT UK every Thursday on the WWE Network and every Friday on BT Sport.

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