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WWE News: Johnny Gargano on coming to Raw

Johnny Wrestling opens up on getting a jump up to the main roster

Johnny Wrestling is coming to the flagship show

Johnny Gargano, along with Tommaso Ciampa were two talents who have been constantly appearing on NXT the past year or so but were not signed to exclusive contracts. They had “Tier-2” contracts that allowed them to work independent shows, but they had to turn up for NXT tapings and house shows when required. However, both talents have been signed to exclusive deals, and both have just finished their indie dates and said their farewells.

Both Gargano and Ciampa will be appearing on Monday Night Raw’s Cruiserweight division that is starting off next week. It is not known whether they will be working exclusively on Raw or if they will be working at NXT as well. It is being said that there is quite a high chance of the Cruiserweights floating back and forth between NXT and Raw.

In an interview on WWE.com, Johnny Gargano spoke on his EVOLVE farewell at this weekend's shows. His last EVOLVE match took place at EVOLVE 69 where he teamed with Cody Rhodes to face Chris Hero and Drew Galloway. Gargano commented on coming to RAW to work the new cruiserweight division this month:

"I was actually at my bachelor party when the clip aired on Raw. My phone started blowing up with people saying they saw me. As a wrestling fan, Raw's the flagship, what we tune into every single week. When you think of wrestling, you think of Raw. To think that there's going to be guys like me, and when I say that, I mean the cruiserweights — I've known a lot of them and wrestled them before WWE. These guys are like me, they were told through their entire career that they were too small and would never make it or be on Monday Night Raw. For all of us to be coming there together is super cool. We're all excited to show the world what we can do. There's a New Era in WWE, and we're going to prove that."

Gargano is a huge talent and will definitely be an extremely valuable asset to WWE. NXT could definitely benefit with his and Tommaso Ciampa’s presence as the tag team division is very shallow at the moment. However, it is ultimately up to WWE themselves, and if they believe that the pair should be exclusive to the main roster, then that is what they will be

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