Jordan Myles (A.C.H) sensationally 'quits' WWE with expletive filled social media rant

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We've been wondering what was going on with NXT Superstar Jordan Myles who has been quiet on social media for some time after publicly drawing attention to his own merchandising t-shirt that he considered to be racially insensitive.

Nothing more came of it for a while until the promising Superstar tweeted the following on November 3rd,

It would appear that WWE didn't reach out to Jordan Myles 'tomorrow' and Myles has since taken to social media to post a video announcing that he is quitting WWE and it's clear he's angry at them still.

The video is linked here, but I must warn you it contains a lot of expletives so may not be suitable for minors.

WWE made a statement in regards to the initial issue of the t-shirt. However they are yet to react to this latest statement from Jordan Myles and it remains to be seen if he has truly quit the company.He did post a subsequent PG version of his announcement essentially stating that he had quit WWE

Myles was the winner of NXT's Breakout Tournament this year and challenged the NXT Champion, Adam Cole, for the title. As it turns out, this was the final match of Myles in WWE for now.

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