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Just Terrible: 10 of the worst gimmicks in wrestling history.

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We look at ten failed gimmicks that no one should ever have given the green light.

There's a legendary wrestler under that turkey suit...

The Undertaker is an unstoppable undead warrior. Steve Austin is a hard-hitting, beer drinking redneck. John Cena is the kiddie hero who never gives up.

These are good gimmicks, which have stood the test of time. A wrestler's gimmick should help them stand out, and enhance whatever natural attributes or talent they bring to the table.

Unfortunately, there have been many gimmicks which just didn't work. Sometimes this was the fault of the wrestler portraying them, but often the gimmick was just flawed from the start. Here's a look at ten of the most groan-inducing gimmicks in the history of wrestling.

10. TL Hopper

Meet TL Hopper, wrestling
Meet TL Hopper, wrestling's only plumber. Never heard of him? We're not surprised...

In the 1980s, Tony Anthony was a rising star in the southern promotions, particularly Smokey Mountain Wrestling. With a decent size, and above average promo skills, he entertained audiences with his Dirty White Boy gimmick to cement him with solid mid-card status.

When the WWE acquired his talents, they weren't impressed with his lack of physical conditioning or his less than male model looks. Vince McMahon thought he looked like a that's exactly the gimmick they gave him.

TL Hopper had a few vignettes--all plumbing related--such as showing up unbidden in Jerry Lawler's pool. Then he had a few unmemorable matches, and was released. You might say WWE flushed this gimmick down the drain.

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