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WWE News: Kane reveals future political ambitions

The Big Red monster for president? That would be fun.

31 Jul 2016, 18:22 IST
Kane has been working for WWE since 1995

The Big red machine Kane recently gave an interview to rare.us, where he talked about his ambitions in politics suggesting that he may run for the mayor of Knoxville in future

The former world champion said that he believes the country is finally ready to accept an outsider like him, something which has ben holding him back from a long time:

"I'd always hesitated before because I never thought the timing was right for someone like me, because I am an outsider, Now, I think the country is so ready for a change at this point that being an outsider actually plays to my or anyone else in my position's advantage.

The 49-year-old wrestler also took a shot at the current politicians stating that they have to lead the country to heavy debt and now the country need a new perspective:

"There are a lot of people in Washington, D.C., who have a lot of experience, and because of that, we're 20 trillion dollars in debt. Maybe we need fresh blood and new perspective…I think that’s maybe what people are looking for"

It's notable here that the on-screen brother of the Undertaker has been working on a lighter schedule from past couple of years and seeing his age, fans assume that it may not take long before he decides to finally hang his boots once and for all and focus on a new career outside WWE.

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