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Kane reveals why he almost quit WWE

Danny Hart
05 Dec 2019, 00:18 IST

Kane is a future WWE Hall of Famer
Kane is a future WWE Hall of Famer

One of the most interesting stories from Glenn Jacobs’ new book, 'Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and Politics', came when he revealed that he almost quit WWE in the prime of his career.

Reflecting on his time in WWE towards the end of the Attitude Era, the two-time World Champion wrote that he was frustrated with some of his storylines in 2002-03 and he seriously considered leaving the company.

Jacobs added that his unmasking storyline in June 2003 made him realise that he needed to be patient as a WWE Superstar, as that memorable moment would never have happened if he acted on his desire to quit.

“While I had been frustrated with my career right before I ditched the mask, almost to the point of quitting, I would never again find myself in that kind of negative headspace. It’s a funny thing about the wrestling business. When you feel that your career is in a lull or even that your character is past the point of no return, a switch can be flicked and, just like that, you’re back on top.”

Kane’s WWE status in 2019

Glenn Jacobs has hardly appeared on WWE programming since being elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee in August 2018.

Excluding impromptu 24/7 Championship matches, Kane's most recent WWE match took place in November 2018 at Crown Jewel, where he teamed with The Undertaker in a losing effort against Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

He also appeared on a September 2019 episode of RAW to briefly win the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth before suffering an attack at the hands of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at the end of the show.

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