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Kane - The only true constant in the WWE

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Kane backstage

He’s been called a glorified Butler, obstinate and Uncle but despite all of that he remains the one that has saved the WWE World Heavyweight Champion from embarrassing himself on various stages. He’s created a reputation of spoiling good to great matches. He’s been asked to retire for once and for all by many disgruntled fans who think that he, like the Big Show, have nothing interesting to provide with their characters and in the current scenario of the WWE, they just do not belong.

It’s been some time since that sort of discussion came to the fore. It happened as quickly as Kane gave up his mask to be a ‘Corporate’ entity. He suited up and his appeal immediately deserted him.

He’s a Corporate Lackey and who likes that. Add to that he was one of the last 4 in the Royal Rumble. But all in all, if we look at his career trajectory or downfall, we can make a case out of how he’s been a true constant for the WWE- a dependable guy on all levels.

History of the Good, the Bad and the ugly Gimmicks

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Kane and Lita 

He’s been involved in ridiculous storylines. Before being The Demon Kane, he had ridiculous gimmicks and he’s gone through several gimmick changes even after that. But he’s played all of them with gusto. Doing his part for the company well. While Undertaker is lauded for his loyalty, so should be Kane. He’s been in the company for 20 years, been through so much and still he hasn’t had a single bad word spoken about him. He’s said to be the most dependable, easiest guy to wrestle. Wrestling is all about protecting each other in the ring despite pulling off dangerous moves. Kane is one of those rare performers who stand religiously by that rule.

The good times

Of there is the Demon Kane, there is the Corporate lackey. If there is a masked face of fear, there is also an unmasked face of fear. If there are the brothers of destruction, there is also the storyline about getting Lita pregnant. There is a tag team with The Undertaker and then there is a tag team with the Big Show. And then there is a middle ground with Daniel Bryan. Who can forget the hugging segment? Who all want to forget that as well?

Team Hell No and the Anger management course provided some good moments, of course.

Comedy, horror, ridicule or just plain drama- he’s done it all.


The Present

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Kane and the champion Seth Rollins

And just when you thought that he was what Rollins called him, obstinate, then out come the aggression that makes Rollins follow his orders and in a blink of an eye he gets some interest back in what everybody thinks is a dying character.

This Sunday, he will be watching Rollins’ match on the heels of an already crumbling Authority but he’ll still remain true to his word and do what the company tells him to like he’s done countless times before.

If we really do get bored by this gimmick or end up hating it, that is precisely what they want us to think. Do not forget that the Shield’s great face turn was done on his cost. He was triple powerbombed to announce the new phase of this stable.

Give or take, he’s been through thick and thin and yet remained true to every bit of his gimmick. His loyalty and sportsmanship deserves applause. He’s had his highs with maximum Rumble elimination (surpassed by Reigns later) and he’s okay with the lows.

And when he says, “There is no drama in the world like wrestling”, you agree with him. And there isn’t a superstar quite like Kane.

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