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Kane's See No Evil: A new perspective on a classic

1.02K   //    19 Oct 2016, 14:03 IST

Pre-Show Seating

Get it? “Raw” because WWE loves words that are the names of the things they own.

First thing’s first: This is not a movie review.

A review is something someone writes in an attempt to either convince you to see a movie or skip it. I don’t care if you see this movie or not. So there will definitely be spoilers. If you’re not into spoilers that’s totally cool, me neither, but this movie is like a decade old, so if you’ve gotten this far and are still reading but don’t want to be spoiled...that’s on you.

So, yeah, “Spoilers, not a review, what is this, then?” you might be saying to yourself. Fair enough. This is my attempt to watch a movie that I have surprisingly very little interest in.

Surprising, because it involves two of my favorite things: Pro wrestlers and horror films. This should be right up my alley but I just never got around to it. So to celebrate October, the most candycoated murder month,  I thought I’d venture back a decade and see what the relative fuss was all about.

Pre-viewing facts:

This movie spawned a sequel. That’s not saying much.

This movie’s gross income doubled the budget. That’s saying even less.

Critics did not go easy on this WWE production, and I think I may have met someone once that said of the movie “Yeah, I saw that movie,” but that’s all I know of it’s quality going in.

I’m not a critic, I’m a “tastemaker.” So it obviously makes total sense that’d I’d be watching a movie 10 years after it’s release. Happy Halloween!

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