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Kane's storied legacy and the fall from grace

Has the Big Red Machine's reign of destruction finally come to an end?

Editor's Pick 24 Feb 2017, 23:05 IST
Unlimited power!

If there’s one thing I hate from a WWE crowd it’s a ‘please retire’ chant. They have been fired at many Superstars, such as Big Show, who were coming to the end of their tenure in the past and it’s usually due to creative decisions as well as the fact that they can no longer go in the ring like they used to.

Though some may be warranted, I don’t feel it is respectful to chant this at someone who puts their body on the line for our entertainment and has given up  social life to tour with the company for 365 days a year.

That being said, I do believe there is an argument to be made when we believe a Superstar should hang up his boots. However, there is a respectful way of doing that, and that’s through discussion.

Kane is one such superstar that deserves this discussion as it is becoming more and more likely that he will not be featured heavily even when he does return from his hiatus due to long-term injuries. 

However it’s worth nothing here that Glenn Jacobs,  or Kane if you will,  is now 49 years old, which is extremely impressive given the fact he was performing regularly on the SmackDown brand not 4 months ago.

Kane has had an impressive career of 20 years as his current character. He has been through changes but he has always been the Big Red Machine and has consistently instilled a sense of fear into every opponent he has faced.

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