Ken Shamrock offers his services for RAW Underground

Former UFC Fighter and WWE Legend Ken Shamrock wants in on RAW Underground
Former UFC Fighter and WWE Legend Ken Shamrock wants in on RAW Underground

Former WWE Superstar and UFC fighter Ken Shamrock has taken to social media to offer his services to WWE if the promotion wants RAW Underground to "look good".

The current IMPACT Wrestling Superstar posted the message on his official Twitter account, tagging the accounts of both WWE and Shane McMahon in the process:

"Hey @WWE and @shanemcmahon next time you guys want to do some worked shoots on #RawUnderground and actually make them look good, you got my number, give me a call!"

Ken Shamrock previously competed in WWE from 1997 to 1999. During that period of time Shamrock would become a one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, a one-time WWE World Tag Team Champion and also become the 1998 King of The Ring.

RAW Underground

WWE introduced RAW Underground last week during the third hour of Monday Night RAW hosted by Shane McMahon. This was Shane McMahon's first WWE televised appearance in almost 10 months. Rumoured to be the brainchild of the returning of Shane O'Mac, RAW Underground has drawn comparisons to Josh Barnett's Bloodsport.

RAW Underground segments consist of WWE Superstars participating in "fights" on a blank ring canvas without any ring ropes or turnbuckles.

RAW Underground segments take place inside of a room at the WWE Performance Center. The room is intentionally lit in a specific way, giving a "dark" and "gritty" aesthetic to the RAW Underground segments.

The main selling point of these RAW Underground segments is having WWE Superstars compete in Mixed Martial Art/shoot style "fights" not traditionally seen on WWE television. The only other person in the ring during these "fights" is the official who is dressed in attire similar to a traditional UFC/MMA referee. The official in charge wears an all black attire with surgical gloves.

The only way to win a RAW Underground "fight" is by knockout, submission or referee stoppage.

Would you like to see Ken Shamrock return to WWE and compete in a RAW Underground "fight"? Which WWE Superstars would you like to see Ken Shamrock compete against in RAW Underground?

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