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WWE News: Kevin Nash speaks about CM Punk's UFC 203 fight and comparisons with The Rock

"He ain't the best in the world anymore"



Now it's my chance to talk smack!


WWE hall of famer Kevin Nash recently did an interview with Nots TV news and give his two cents on CM Punk and his debut in UFC. Punk, who lost to Mickey Gall at UFC 203, has been widely spoken about and pro wrestlers have had mixed reactions and opinions on his debut fight.


When asked about the fight, he admitted to not watching it live but saw the recorded coverage and it “didn't really go well for him”, Nash said


About his decision to step inside the Octagon, “That is his decision although 37 seems late to get into the fight game”


Nash, one of the three founders of the NWO, had his last run in WWE, in an angle with Punk. Reflecting on that, he said : “I didn't get a chance to wrestle with him but he seemed very talented at what we do, his first fight. (In MMA) it's different as a novice fighter....guess he's not the best in the world anymore”


CM Punk was one of the most outspoken wrestlers on the WWE roster and wasn't really appreciative of The Rock making his comeback against Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania.


Not just for me but a lot of other Superstars. The Rock waltzes in and he wrestles two days a year. Rock says this place is family, well, I hang out with my family as often as I can." Punk had said. 


Drawing the same comparison, Nash was asked if Punk coming into the UFC and earning himself a main card slot was hypocritical?


Big Daddy Cool cunningly replied: “No. The Rock delivered.The fact that he came in as CM Punk(and not as Phil Brooks) tells you what they were pushing. They were pushing to a fan base he had in WWE. I heard he had a 4 fight deal of which he has 3 left..he is basically calling for an a** beating whereas (with WWE) we can put people in places”


Punk has been the target of many wrestlers on the current and the past WWE roster, a company with whom he has bad blood since the time he quit. In the post match conference, Punk made it clear that he did not want to quit the UFC although Dana White said he is not sure if he should compete at the UFC and might want him to try MMA at a lower level.


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