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Kurt Angle reveals that the UFC offered him deals on two different occasions

Soumik Datta
Published Jan 12, 2020
Jan 12, 2020 IST

Kurt Angle (Image Courtesy: FanBuzz)
Kurt Angle (Image Courtesy: FanBuzz)

WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle was recently in conversation with Chris Van Vliet and during the interview, the former WWE World Champion revealed that the Ultimate Fighting Championship offered him deals on two different occasions.

Kurt Angle on being offered a deal by the UFC on two different occasions

The WWE Hall of Famer claimed that he probably wouldn't have been able to compete in the Octagon due to his broken neck. However, if it weren't for his neck issues, Angle would've said 'hell yes'. Angle sarcastically added that he probably would've won the World title as well, saying:

“I don’t think I could’ve done it, I think if I went before the broken neck I would’ve said ‘hell yeah'. “I would’ve had a great run, I probably would’ve won the World Title (laughs) you never know! It was more appetising to me than pro wrestling.” (H/T: SEScoops)

Angle went on to add that he probably wouldn't have been able to compete in Mixed Martial Arts and would've ended up embarrassing himself. Despite being given a 'great offer' by UFC President Dana White, Angle decided to stick to pro wrestling instead.

"I knew in the back of my mind that I couldn’t do it. Dana White gave me a great offer, he’s been really good to me. I’ve reached out to him a couple of different times and he was willing to talk to me. He gave me two separate deals two separate times and I backed out. I just knew that I couldn’t do it, I knew that if I did do it I probably would’ve embarrassed myself. "
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