Kurt Angle's children and family: 5 things you need to know

Kurt Angle at the RAW after WrestleMania
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The introduction of the Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle storyline on Monday Night Raw has birthed a new found focus on the 48-year-old's family behind the camera. On TV, Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle's illegitimate son; behind the scenes, he's an addition to an already complex Angle family tree.

Behind the man that makes things tick on RAW, there are a lot of family members with their own unique stories. We know that he's a former Olympic gold medallist, a former world champion and WrestleMania main eventer, but...

... here are five things you didn’t know about Kurt Angle and his family.

#5 He has five children

Angle's youngest child was born in 2006
Angle's youngest child was born in 2016

Kurt Angle has five children in his two marriages, with the oldest being Krya who is 14 years old. Kyra was the young lady who escorted Angle at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony back in March.

Interestingly enough, Kyra was only three years old the last time Angle wrestled in the WWE. Kyra is also a budding singer with a music channel on YouTube under the name of ‘RealKyraMarie,’ which has amassed just under 10,000 views to date.

The eldest two children were with his first wife Karen, while the youngest three children were with his current wife, Giovanna. His second child, Kody, is 10 years old, and is already an avid wrestling fan.

Kurt’s daughter Giuliana Marie is 6 years old and Kurt is encouraging her to pursue a career in dancing. The second youngest Sophia Laine is 4 years old, while the youngest Nikoletta is just 8 months old.

#4 His brother used to wrestle

Kurt Angle with his brother Eric Angle.
Eric Angle wrestled seven matches in OVW

In total, Kurt Angle has four older brothers - David, Mark, Eric and Johnny. Some may remember Eric Angle from his brief appearances on WWE programming. Eric, like Kurt, also wrestled at an amateur level in high school, back in 1985.

Fast forward 15 years and he was making his professional debut at Survivor Series in 2000, helping Kurt defeat the Undertaker.

He was then given a developmental contract with the company, but injuries would not allow him to progress in the WWF. After being released by the company in 2003, Eric tried his luck at several Indy promotions around the country. But alas, injuries would continue to hinder him, forcing him into an early retirement.

#3 His other brother is in prison

Kurt Angle crying in court with his brother David.
Kurt Angle was born in Pennsylvania

Another one of Kurt’s four brothers has a more disheartening story. In early 2015, David Angle was arrested on suspicion of killing his wife Doanna Angle following a domestic altercation.

After a thorough investigation, a year later, David pleaded guilty to homicide and was subsequently given a two and a half year to ten-year prison sentence for the death of Doanna Angle. The story was widely reported by local outlets in their home town of Pittsburgh.

#2 His wife is an actor

Giovanna posing in a photoshoot
Giovanna Angle had a supporting role in Twilight.

Kurt Angle’s second wife, Giovanna Angle, whom he met back in 2009 is a budding actor by trade. The two actually met on the set of Hollywood film ‘End Game’ in 2009. The actress has appeared in seven films and on one TV show to date.

Funnily enough, Giovanna had no idea who Angle was during the filming of ‘End Game’, and assumed he was only an actor.

After that film, the two became close during Angle’s injury rehabilitation period, as Giovanna would come round every day to check in on him and keep the former WWF champion company. The two eventually tied the knot in July 2012 and now have three kids together.

#1 His sister died in 2003

Kurt Angle crying after winning his first title in the WWE.
Kurt Angle's father died when he was just 16

For those who know the story of Kurt Angle, you will know that the Olympic Gold medallist has been through some tough times. Some would even say that those tough times had an impact on why he left the WWF.

Back in 2003, Kurt Angle’s sister Le’Anne died of a heroin overdose. What is even more tragic is that the death happened a day before Angle’s one-hour long iron man match with Brock Lesnar on SmackDown.

Angle later admitted that he used wrestling to effectively grieve the loss of his dear sister. He channelled the pain into energy to have some of the best matches of his career. Angle then left the company in 2006 after claiming the company did not allow him to take sufficient time off to rehabilitate his injuries.

His departure would pave the way for John Cena to become the top guy in the company.

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