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WWE News: Lana reveals the difference between her two wedding ceremonies

The ravishing Russian recently had a wedding ceremony at Bulgaria

Rusev with Lana
Lana has been posting photos of her honeymoon on Instagram 

WWE recently published an interview of the newly wedded Lana on their official website where the wife of The United States Champion Rusev talked about her recent wedding ceremony at Bulgaria. Below are some of the highlights from the interview:

Lana who had a marriage ceremony several weeks ago at the Malibu Beach, and then again joined Rusev recently for a second ceremony at Bulgaria, was asked about the difference between both functions and the ravishing Russian said that it was completely different:

"it was completely different. Specifically starting with the ceremony alone, the Malibu ceremony was on the beach. My dad, who is also a minister, led the ceremony, but it was not a traditional ceremony versus the Bulgarian one, which was in an Orthodox church and everything was very traditional. I also learned very quickly that Rusev doesn't know all his traditions; it's really his mother that knows all the traditions. So I quickly had to learn them if we wanted to carry them on."

When asked about her favorite part of the recent wedding ceremony, the WWE Star said beating her husband in the contest to drink wine was her favorite part of the special day as according to the tradition it makes her the in charge of their family:

"Beating Rusev both times in drinking the wine the fastest and breaking the bread. That makes me the leader, per the Bulgarian family traditions. We are both very competitive so that was probably my favorite part, knowing I’m in charge. But I’ll let Rusev think he is in charge. [Laughs]"

Upon being asked if we are going to see any part of her traditional wedding on total divas, Lana replied positively and said that we'll get to see how her total diva's co-star Natalya helped her in planning the wedding:

Yes! Naomi and Natalya were my bridesmaids. I was really excited to have them there and you actually see how Natalya has been such a big mentor to me. You’ll see throughout the entire season how she helps me plan my wedding. I’m so glad she was there in Bulgaria because some of the traditions were hard for me to accept and go through, but she helped me [learn] to let things go and not worry. 

Talking about her honeymoon following her wedding, the Total Diva's star said that it was fantastic:

It was fantastic! I had never gone surfing and I was able to go for the first time. Rusev didn’t, but I’m sure I’ll convince him to do that and I’m sure it will be his new favorite thing to do.

Along with this, she also talked about the different traditions she learned during the wedding and more.

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