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Lilian Garcia reveals when she hopes to return to WWE [Exclusive]

Gary Cassidy
Modified 05 Feb 2020, 22:02 IST

Will Lilian Garcia return to WWE for WrestleMania?
Will Lilian Garcia return to WWE for WrestleMania?

Lilian Garcia is one of the most recognizable voices in the world of wrestling and, with 20 years of experience in the wrestling industry, WWE's legendary ring announcer has pretty much seen it all.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Lilian Garcia to discuss the heartbreaking reason for her WWE departure, among other things. She revealed that her WWE journey is by no means a closed book - stating that she'd love to return for this year's WrestleMania!

Check out the full interview via the video below, or read the entire article here.

Will we ever see Lilian Garcia back in WWE, even sporadically, or is that chapter closed?

I would never say a closed chapter. I never do that to my life. I think that's a mistake when you just say, "Never." I don't believe in that word.
I will say that going back for Evolution was awesome. Last year, going back for WrestleMania for the Women's Battle Royal was amazing. Hopefully I'll get to do that again this year because this would be year three [of me doing that] so it would be a beautiful thing. I hope that's what happens and I'm all for it.
I'm always just open to opportunities, but a lot of times, I'm not even in control of a lot of the opportunities, so I just stay open and see what comes my way.
I will say this, I definitely miss the connection with the WWE Universe, that is something that will never go away, but I love that people have followed me onto Chasing Glory so I can still feel connected.

You can read the entire interview here.

You can follow Lilian Garcia on Twitter here, and check out Chasing Glory at, via @ChasingGlory on Instagram or via YouTube here.

Published 05 Feb 2020, 22:02 IST
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