Liv Morgan: Discussions underway to revamp The Riott Squad [Exclusive]

Name change and other tweaks being discussed for The Riott Squad
Name change and other tweaks being discussed for The Riott Squad
Rick Ucchino

Liv Morgan has been on an absolute rollercoaster when it comes to story arc and character development in 2020. From interrupting Lashley and Lana's wedding, to battling it out with Charlotte and Asuka, to feuding and then reuniting with her best friend Ruby Riott, to now having an opportunity to win her first Championship gold in WWE, Liv Morgan has been on quite a road to self discovery.

Speaking to Sportskeeda ahead of her match at Clash of Champions, Liv Morgan called this past year a bizarre road to figuring out who she is and what she wants to do in WWE:

"It's been very crazy, but it's been exciting and I've done so many firsts, you know? I don't think it's going to slow down either. You know? Every Monday I tweet 'watch me' and it's just cause literally you don't know what's going to happen. Just watch me because I'm evolving just as the world is and you never know what's going to happen."

Not only has Liv Morgan, the character, evolved, but so has Liv Morgan the performer. No longer does she stand behind Ruby Riott, but the two share equal footing as they get set to challenge for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships at Clash of Champions.

It's because of that personal growth for Liv Morgan and the absence of Sarah Logan, that discussions are currently underway to tweak The Riott Squad's presentation.

Liv Morgan talks revamping The Riott Squad

When The Riott Squad first debuted on the main roster in 2017, they fit the definition of the word "squad" so much better - a small group of people having a particular task. Ruby Riott led her two friends on a quest to cause chaos whereever they went in an attempt to make a name for themselves. That dynamic worked three years ago, but things have now changed.

Sarah Logan is no longer with WWE after she was released back in April as part of the slew of pandemic related budget cuts. Liv Morgan told Sportskeeda that the Riott Squad reunion without Logan has been an adjustment, but one their close friend has signed-off on:

"We're still very close with Sarah. We're in a group chat, we talk all the time. Ruby and I, on our ring jackets, we have like a wolf patch that we wear on our hearts and that represents Sarah. You know, she's still with us every time we step out there. It's been difficult, but, rewarding in a way, because Sarah's doing so many great things. She's about to be a mom and that's amazing, you know, and she's so happy for Ruby and I. So with her blessing, it just makes everything a lot easier. You know, she's not upset at this. She's excited. So it makes us excited and completely makes Ruby and I feel like we can just go up there and do our thing."

Liv Morgan added that it will only be her and Ruby Riott moving forward. There will be no adding to the squad, no replacement for Sarah Logan. A major change from the first version of the group, but it may not be the only one. Morgan says she and Riott are constantly having discussions on how to evolve their team - which includes a name change.

Both competitors are on the same page that the new name needs to better represent an equal partnership:

"When we first started, Ruby was a leader and she should have been a leader. You know, she had the most experience. It definitely helped me progress as an in-ring competitor. But now a year, three years later, actually, you know, things have changed a lot. And I've really tried to prove myself that I don't need a leader. So Ruby and I we're equal parts in this tag team. She's not my leader. And she'd rather it be that way because she also knows that I've really like stepped my game up. She's seen how hard I’ve worked."

Liv Morgan says, on Sunday, she and Ruby Riott will defeat Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax to capture the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles. The first step in what Liv Morgan says is their new goal of carrying the Women's Tag Team Division into the future.

Edited by Nishant Jayaram
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