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Lucha Underground/AAA News: WCW star Vampiro retires from in-ring competition

  • Vampiro has been suffering for a while, and he's decided it's time to hang up his boots.
Gary Cassidy
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 15:32 IST

Vampiro posted on Facebook today that he will be retiring

What’s the story?

A veteran of the ring and one of the most captivating characters in Lucha Underground, Vampiro has taken to social media to officially confirm his in-ring retirement due to being in unbearable pain - even attaching diagnostics reports to the post for the world to see.

In case you didn’t know…

Vampiro, real name Ian Richard Hodgkinson, has been working as a color commentator for Lucha Underground since its inception, later transitioning to the ring to face off against Pentagon Junior in a brutal battle that saw Vampiro become the mentor of the man who preaches Cero Miedo.

Hodgkinson is also the current Director of Talent for AAA but is best known for his work in WCW, winning the World Tag Team Championships with The Great Muta and enjoying immense success in Mexico throughout his career.

Vampiro has recently taken to social media to apologize to several people in the business and try to right some wrongs.

The heart of the matter

Vampiro took to Facebook today to reveal his retirement from the ring and the reasons for hanging up his boots. The former TNA star says he's been dealing with issues for a few years now.

It’s just gotten to be too much. I really wanted to try to continue to wrestle a little but I just can’t take the pain. I am only embarrassing my self in the ring and hurting my co workers and the world class product that we produce.

Vampiro also goes on to say that he was never a good wrestler but a great storyteller, and thanks everyone for his career - suggesting he had been clinging on but knew it was over.

It was done along time ago as far as being an active wrestler and it took forever for me to get over depression of letting things go and moving on.

Hodgkinson goes on to say that he loves working behind the scenes and will continue in that role - as he believes it's his true calling.

My work is behind the scenes now and I absolutely love producing and being an agent, and I really treasure my position more so than I ever did when I was in the ring. I have so much passion for creating I just think this is what I was meant to do more so than ever be a wrestling star.

The former WCW wrestler said he hoped for one more match but has decided there is no need and he is relieved that it is over.

I just wanted to take this moment to finally say thank you and goodbye to the ring.

You can read the full statement below.

What’s next?

As Vampiro says, he still has a lot going on. You can keep up with his new ventures via his Facebook and Twitter.

Author’s take

I remember being a big Vampiro fan when I was younger and I really loved his work in Lucha Underground as Pentagon's mentor - but I have to say, health is always most important and this is probably for the best if he's in constant pain.

Published 10 Apr 2018, 02:31 IST
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