Lucha Underground possibly coming to Netflix

Lucha Underground deserves a bigger platform, could it be about to get one?
Harald Math

What’s the story?

Lucha Underground ring announcer Melissa Santos held a live stream on Instagram recently, and in that stream, Santos stated that the El Rey Lucha libre show is very close to signing a deal that would see LU come to Netflix.

The details surrounding the deal were vague at best, but Santos did state that it would be finalised ‘soon’. Lucha Underground recently announced that it was to take a brief hiatus, primarily believed to be happening due to delays in taping season four. Could a deal with Netflix be the real reason?

In case you didn’t know

Lucha Underground is currently halfway through its third season, and whilst viewing figures have fallen somewhat in recent months, the show still provides an entertaining alternative to the more traditional professional wrestling programming.

Season three has seen Sexy Star dethrone Matanza Cueto as champion, only to lose the strap the following week to Johnny Mundo (formerly WWE’s John Morrison). 

The show has its critics, but fans have largely taken to the comic book style that Lucha Underground has offered. The show exists outside of the confines of what is the norm for pro wrestling, adding telenovela elements alongside fantastical characters and lengthy storylines.

In many ways, it is better suited to the TV format than most pro wrestling shows are and would fit in well on Netflix.

The heart of the matter

This is not the first time this rumour has been done the rounds, however. Similar things were whispered about one year ago but little came out of the gossip.

Lucha Underground stayed where it was, and continued to be difficult for many wrestling fans across the world to pick up. A move to Netflix could do wonders for the show, but one has to question just what is in it for Netflix.

What’s next?

It remains to be seen whether there is any substance behind the words of Melissa Santos, and whether the rumours are indeed real or just the excited hopes of a member of the show’s active roster.

Most people would like Lucha Underground to succeed, however, and a move to Netflix could well provide them the platform to hit their desired heights on a more consistent basis.

Sportskeeda’s take

Lucha Underground is matched only by CHIKARA in its form, and as such it is perfectly suited to television. The story is arguably far more important than the matches, and the reliance on timelines lead many to believe the show has a cult appeal like no other.

If the rumours are without base then everything continues as normal, but we sincerely hope there is fire behind this smoke. 

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