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Lucha Underground Results (October 11, 2017): Ultima Lucha Tres - Part 3, Episode 39

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The Penultimate Lucha Underground episode of Season 3 aired on the 11th of October
The Penultimate Lucha Underground episode of Season 3 aired on the 11th of October

The penultimate Lucha Underground Episode of season 3 started with a video which hyped the upcoming matches of the night and recapped the matches that had already taken place at the start of Ultima Lucha Tres. The matches of the night included a Last Luchadora Standing match between Taya and Sexy Star, a Lucha Underground Trios Championship match and a Gift of Gods Championship Ladder Match.

Last Luchadora Standing Match: Sexy Star vs Taya

Taya and Sexy Star spar inside the ring for a while before the match spills outside. Star busted open Taya while fighting with her outside as she slammed her head into the fencing near the announce table. Star made it worse and slammed a beer bottle on Taya's head and tried to put Taya on a table. The two fought and ended up stacking another table on top of the first.

They fought in the upper section of the crowd before they both slammed through the two tables that had been set up earlier. Star is able to just beat the ten count and wins the match by a whisker.

Result: Sexy Star defeated Taya in the Last Luchadora Standing Match

Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match: Drago, Pindar and Vibora (c) vs The Mack, Killshot and Dante Fox

The Mack, Killshot and Dante Fox were obviously not on the same page when the match started as there was an immediate disagreement about who would start the match. Fox finally started and took control of the match and Pindar before tagging in Killshot. On the other side, Vibora tagged in and that spelt trouble for the opposing team as he chokeslammed Killshot and Fox. Following this, Drago, Pindar and Vibora are able to control a large portion of the match till The Mack was tagged in.


He seemingly deals with all the opposition before being brought to an abrupt stop when Vibora hit him with the Big Boot. Eventually, the action spilt outside the ring as it tends to do in Lucha Underground. The action continued until Pindar was in the ring. Mack's unlikely team took advantage. Fox hit him with the Spanish Fly, which was followed by a stunner from Mack. Killshot hit him with the double stomp and Mack pinned him to pick up the win.

Result: The Mack, Killshot and Dante fox defeat Pindar, Vibor and Drago to become the Lucha Underground Trios Wrestling Champions

Gift of the God's Championship Ladder Match: Son Of Havoc vs Pentagon Dark

Pentagon Dark and Son OF Havoc made their entrances.

The match was extremely brutal as both stars gave the match all their effort. Havoc controlled the beginning stages of the match, and Pentagon was only able to come back by using a ladder to hit him with when Havoc was distracted.

Havoc gained back control and hit Pentagon with a springboard crossbody and set up a chair in the corner. He sent Pentagon facefirst into the chair, but this comes back to haunt him, as he was hit with a steel chair by Pentagon while setting up a ladder.

Havoc hit a back suplex off the ladder through a table, but when he went for the Shooting Star, Pentagon caught him with the Cutter. Pentagon hit the Package Piledriver on Havoc through steel chairs that Havoc himself had set up. Pentagon bridged a ladder between the Ladder set up in the centre of the ring and the second rope. The two fought on top of the bridged ladder until Pentagon was able to throw Havoc off the ladder through a table. Pentagon climbed the ladder and got the title to pick up the win.

Result: Pentagon Dark defeated Son Of Havoc and became the Gift of God's Champion

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