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Lucha Underground results (9/8/17): Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane, Pentagon Dark vs. Texano 

Harald Math
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The Cueto Cup continued on this week's episode of Lucha Underground
The Cueto Cup continued on this week's episode of Lucha Underground

Episode 30 of the third season of Lucha Underground kicked off with a video teaser to recap the major storylines of the show, namely Mil Muertes/Catrina/Jeremiah Crane love triangle and Beautiful Brenda's attempts to court Texano. The final two quarter final matches of the Cueto Cup were also on the card for the evening.

Trios match for 3 Gift of the Gods Medallions: The Rabbit Tribe vs. Worldwide Underground

The in-ring portion of the show kicked off with trios action, as The Rabbit Tribe and Worldwide Underground did battle for three (of the seven total) Gift of the Gods medallions. This match was fairly heavy on the comedy for the most part, as The Rabbit Tribe continued to toe the line of credibility.

Paul London and his colleagues were able to pick up the victory, however, after London hit Ricky Mandel with a Shooting Star Press.

Result: The Rabbit Tribe def. Worldwide Underground by pinfall

Following the match, Worldwide Underground were given a dressing down by their new agent, Benji. Benji informed the trio that they only kept their jobs because of the kindness of LU Champion Johnny Mundo's heart and that he didn't need the stress ahead of his defence against Rey Mysterio Jr. Mundo talked about the opportunities Benji was securing him, before heading off to a photo op.

Cueto Cup Quarter Final: Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) vs. Jeremiah Crane

Mil got the immediate upper hand in the match by attacking Crane during his introduction. Matt Striker and Vampiro announced that Dario Cueto had made this a No DQ match, after which Mil hurled Crane through a door back into the Temple.

The first half of this match was a one-sided beatdown, as Mil battered Crane all over the Temple. Jeremiah got a few moments of the offence once chairs were introduced, but the size of Muertes was too difficult to overcome. Muertes eventually hit the Flatliner for the 1-2-3.

Result: Mil Muertes def. Jeremiah Crane

Following the match, Catrina went to give Crane the lick of death, but the former Solomon Crowe woke and kissed her instead. This infuriated Mil Muertes, who returned to the ring to give Crane a second Flatliner.

Dario Cueto is visited by an FBI agent, by the name of Agent Winter. It turned out that the Agent was a big Lucha Underground and Pentagon Dark fan, and the conversation was fairly whimsical until Agent Winter delivered a chilling quote — 'His flesh will fry like everyone else's when the war comes'.

Agent Winter informed Cueto that The Order was everywhere and that they would do whatever it took to ensure the Gods would rule again.

Cueto Cup Quarter Final: Texano vs. Pentagon Dark

The final Cueto Cup quarter final was this week's main event, with the winner going on to face Mil Muertes in the final four. Texano controlled the opening stages of the match, hitting Pentagon with a huge tope to the outside and a springboard splash, but a distraction from Famous B and Beautiful Brenda allowed Penta to take control.

Texano soon found himself back in control, however, utilising some innovative offence with a final four spot in sight. Famous B once again got in the way, however, introducing Brenda's horseshoe into the ring. Pentagon managed to get control of the gimmick and clocked Texano with it for the 1-2-3.

Result: Pentagon Dark def. Texano

Penta set up to break Texano's arm following the match, only for Famous B to plead for mercy. This only got him a broken arm of his own, and Penta followed that up by snapping the appendage of Beautiful Brenda.

The show closes with Catrina visiting LAPD Captain Vasquez. Vasquez tried to make a deal with Catrina, but Catrina was unwilling to comply. Both brought out their halves of the Aztec medallion, which led to a beautiful bit of camera work from the LU crew.

Vasquez told Catrina that Cage's Gauntlet was the gateway to the Gods, and the only one capable of getting the Gauntlet was controlled by Catrina. Catrina agreed to the deal, revealing that Vasquez was actually her mother, as the show went off the air.

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