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Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 12 Results (11/23): New Lucha Underground Champion Crowned

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Sexy Star’s historic reign came to an end a week after she won the title at Aztec Warrior

This week’s episode of Lucha Underground had so many things to be excited about. A Trios Championship match, the showdown between Killshot and Dante Fox and the much-anticipated main event between Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship; the card was stacked with potential show-stealers.

The show kicked off with a highlights package from last week’s show that included a preview of the feud between Killshot and Dante Fox, The Black Lotus Triad’s debut and Johnny Mundo’s aspirations of becoming the LU Champion.

The cameras cut to the Temple where Matt Stryker and Vampiro did the customary introductions for this week's show. A video package of Sexy Star’s momentous win at Aztec Warfare aired, where she became the first woman to hold the Lucha Underground Championship. Before the first match of the night got underway, the announcers reminded the fans that Sexy Star would be defending the title for the first time in the main event of the evening against Johnny Mundo – The Gift Of Gods Champion.

Aerostar, Fenix, and Drago vs. Mala Suerte, Paul London and Saltador (The Rabbit Tribe) (Lucha Underground Trio Championship match)

The most glaring moment of the match came right at the beginning when former WWE Superstar Paul London was introduced as a member of the Rabbit Tribe. Previously known as the man with the black top hat, Paul London looked suave dressed in a white jumpsuit. His faction that included Mala Suerte and Saltador, would be the synonym of unorthodox due to their off-beat in-ring gear. The Trios Champions made their way out next to defend the titles.

Tribe got the better of the champs in the early goings as they wore Fenix down in the middle of the ring while dancing around him. The scales tipped in the Champions’ favour when Fenix began a take the offense to Suerte. Saltador and London denied Fenix the opportunity to tag in his partners when they displaced Aerostar and Drago off the apron. After the initial promise of a shift in momentum, everything got back to square one with the challengers taking it to Fenix all in tandem.

The highlight of the match was the overselling and the downright ridiculous antics of the Tribe all throughout the match. The champions got the upper hand after a dominant showing by the Tribe. They pulled off a couple of good moves together that ended with Saltador and Fenix battling out in the home stretch of the bout. In the meantime, Kobra Moon came out to watch Drago by ringside. Fenix got the better of Saltador after a string of counters to roll him up for the three-count.


Result: Aerostar, Drago and Fenix def. The Rabbit Tribe (Mala Suerte, Paul London and Saltador) to retain the Lucha Underground Trios Championship

The post-match segment had Kobra Moon telling Drago outside Dario Cueto’s office that he would be left with no option but to bow down to the queen. 

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