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Lucha Underground season 3 episode 15 results (12/14): "En La Sombras"

Vibora made a shocking debut, the end of an alliance and some breathtaking in-ring action were the major takeaways from this week's show

Even the referee is in awe with the action that unfolded in the Temple

Another episode of Lucha Underground is in the books, and as usual, it delivered some cutting edge in-ring action and the promising continuation of ongoing feuds and storylines. Before we move on to this week’s episode here is a recap of last week’s show:

Angelico returned to the temple and looked to exact revenge against Worldwide Underground. A video package on the same aired to kick off the show, followed by a vignette hyping the steel cage rematch for next week between Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship. 

The video promo capped off by highlighting the Drago/Kobra Moon and Mysterio/Azteca angles respectively. The cameras cut to the temple as Matt Stryker and Vampiro, who spoke about the Battle of the Bulls tournament, the remaining first round matches of which were scheduled for tonight. They reminded the fans that the winner of the competition would face the winner of Mundo vs. Star for the title.

The first match of the night – the semi-final of the Battle of the Bulls tournament – was up next.

Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot vs. Mariposa vs. Dante Fox (Battle of The Bulls tournament match)

Mariposa held her own against her three male opponents

The match began with some hard-hitting strikes from all competitors. The bad blood between Dante and Killshot led to the two going after each other from the get-go. Killshot got the early advantage when he shut Fox and Mariposa down with snappy kicks. Crane gets in on the action with some kicks of his own on Killshot. The two exchanged close to 16 kicks before Killshot got the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Mariposa went up to the top rope and launched herself onto Killshot and Crane. She put up a valiant fight against the men which was followed by Fox and Killshot exchanging shoulder blocks on each other. Fox knocked Mariposa out of the ring and executed the suicide dive onto the three competitors to lay them all out on the mat.

The frantic action continued as this time; Mariposa leaped onto Killshot and Fox. Crane joined in on the high-flying action too with a dive on the outside, taking out Fox in the process. Killshot recuperated and went for another high-risk leap, only to be stopped in his tracks by Crane’s mid-air chair shot. Crane had something destructive in mind as he arranged many chairs in the ring amidst ‘musical chairs’ chant from the believers.

An insane spot followed that began with Crane setting up Killshot on the top turnbuckle. Fox too made his way to the top to join Crane and Killshot. Mariposa took advantage of the situation by pulling off the tower of doom on the chairs that were neatly arranged in the ring. This was just the beginning of her wrath as she began flinging chairs on her opponents, who were reeling in pain. Crane couldn’t take it anymore and ended Mariposa’s mayhem with the chair. A sequence of kicks followed as Fox first took Crane down with a bicycle kick. Killshot then connected with a kick of his own on Fox. Crane, in the meantime, had returned to his senses and executed a double running kick on both Killshot and Mariposa.

Fox got up and floored Killshot with a great springboard codebreaker on Killshot. Fox’s eyes went towards the chair and he wasted no time in setting it up in the corner in a bid to inflict some more damage on Killshot. Killshot, though, was aware of the danger and slammed Fox onto the chair. Crane’s attempted suplex on Killshot on the chair got blocked, but he couldn't save himself from a Death Valley Driver that followed.

Carne kept up the pressure by laying out Killshot with a sit-out powerbomb. After kicking out at two from Crane’s pinfall attempt, Killshot found himself trapped in an ankle lock, courtesy of Crane. Mariposa saved the match by breaking up the hold and a chaotic brawl between the four ensued. Killshot got caught in Mariposa’s stunner and what followed was a brutal spot of the highest order. Mariposa perfectly executed the butterfly effect on Killshot onto the chair, with Killshot’s head crashing through the edge of the steel weapon. Damn!

Fox didn’t let Mariposa capitalize on the insane move as he broke up her pin on Killshot. Crane, Fox, and Mariposa then jockeyed for bragging rights in the middle of the ring in the final stages of the match. Mariposa was taken out of the equation by Crane, leaving Crane and Fox battling it out to determine the winner in the home stretch of the bout.

Fox got the first substantial offense in with a great springboard exploder suplex on Crane from the top rope. Crane somehow kicked out at 2 and a half. Fox looked to finish things off with a 450 splash, but Crane got his knees up in the knick of time. A vulnerable Fox got hit by a cranial contusion by Crane. He went for the pinfall and successfully got the three-count. What a match to open the show!

Result: Jeremiah Crane def. Killshot, Dante Fox, and Mariposa via pinfall

With the victory, Jeremiah Crane booked his place in the finals of the tournament alongside Cage and The Mack. The post-match scenes saw the continuation of the storyline between Killshot and Dante Fox. Killshot vented out his frustrations on Fox by first executing a running kick to his face, followed by a double stomp from the top rope.

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