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Lucha Underground season 3 episode 17: Prince Puma returned to the Temple

This week's episode had one heck of a finish

The Machine is now invincible!

Lucha Underground rolled out another episode this week and the sole focus was the progression of existing storylines and feuds that have been brewing up steadily over the past few weeks. Last week, Johnny Mundo successfully defended his LU title in a steel cage match against Sexy Star, while The Mack won the finals of the Battle of the Bulls tournament to become the new no.1 contender for Mundo’s strap.

This week’s show had so much to look forward to. Angelico’s return last week gave an impetus to his and Son of Havoc’s feud with Worldwide Underground. Cage and Texano resumed their best of 5 series which was led by Cage going into the show. Prince Puma returned to the temple in his resurrected avatar under the leadership of Vampiro to take on Mil Muertes, the man who killed him. 

The angle between Jeremiah Crane and his ex-flame, Catrina continued as Crane went one on one with Mil Muertes – Catrina's current love interest.

The show kicked off with Vampiro prepping up his brand new protege, Prince Puma, to embrace the darkness and begin his new journey. Vampiro referred to Puma as his son and demanded a pledge of allegiance from the former LU Champion. Puma acknowledged and the cameras cut to the Temple where Matt Striker and Vampiro welcomed the fans and hyped up the action to follow.

Jeremiah Crane vs. Mil Muertes (w) Catrina

The new Prince of Darkness returned ans sent out a strong message

The backstory here is that Crane longs to get back his former love interest in Catrina by killing Mil Muertes. He got the match he wanted with the behemoth Muertes and aimed to prove his childhood sweetheart Catrina that he is the man to be with.

The match didn’t last long as Prince Puma interrupted and attacked Muertes with a Singapore Crane. The referee was distracted by Catrina and Crane took advantage of it to pin Muertes for the win.

Result: Jeremiah Crane def. Mil Muertes

Puma continued the beatdown on Mil with the cane after the match. Puma ended the segment with his signature backspring flip. Instead of kneeling in the center of the ring over the LU logo, he kneeled towards Vampiro, much to the shock of Striker.

The Sexy Star-Spier angle continued after the break as a man claiming to be a fan gifted Star with a box. He said he's been sending gifts to Mundo for a long time now. He was told to get this to her and clarified that this one wasn’t from him. She opened the present to find a spider in it. Star lost her cool and stormed away in pure disgust. And thus, the intrigue surrounding the mysterious stalker angle continued. Who could it be?

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