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Lucha Underground season 3 episode 8 results

Rohit Nath
11.32K   //    28 Oct 2016, 16:47 IST
Jhonny Mundo and Sexy Star put on one heck of a main event

The hottest wrestling product today, Lucha Underground had yet another impactful episode with had an intense championship match. The synopsis of the episode was as follows:

 "City Councilman Delgado arrives and gives Dario a gift; Sexy Star defends her title; Rey Mysterio asks Dario for a favor".

Highlights from the previous episode storylines opened the show. The Ultimate Opportunity series between Cage and Texano, Johnny Mundo's request granted for a Gift Of The Gods match and Ivelisse's new relationship are all featured in this package.



The first scene features Gift Of The Gods Champion Sexy Star walking into Dario’s office, conversing in Spanish, saying that she does not fear Dario nor his brother, Lucha Underground Champion Matanza. She revealed that she wants a shot at Matanza for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Dario granted her request but reminded her that she defends the Gift Of The Gods Championship against Johnny Mundo in tonight’s main event. Sexy Star said that it will be a good warm-up match for her.

Dario laughs it off and says that he is impressed by her balls. He then puts on a serious face and says that if her friends Fenix, Drago or Aerostar interfere in the match, they will be banned in the Temple forever. She tells Dario that she won’t need their help and leaves the office.

We cut to the arena at the Temple where the house band is playing. The camera then shifts to Matt Striker and Vampiro, who promote the fact that Aztec Warfare is only 3 weeks away and that Matanza will enter that match as the top guy with his Championship on the line.

However, Striker mentions that that there is no guarantee that Matanza will enter that match as the champion in 3 weeks. He then promotes tonight's Gift Of The God's match between Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo. 

Vampiro says that if you are a fan of intergender wrestling, you would not have to wait for that type of action for the end of the night because an intergender match will happen next. Vampiro cues to Melissa Santos in the ring for the 1st match of the night.

Melissa Santos then introduces Marty The Moth Martinez (accompanied by his sister Mariposa). She then introduces his opponent, Ivelisse.

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