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Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Tres Part Four (19/10/17) Results and Review

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There was violence-a-plenty in the final episode of Lucha Underground Season 3
There was violence-a-plenty in the final episode of Lucha Underground Season 3

The curtain has come down on the third season of Lucha Underground, and the curtain may well stay down on the show for good. As of right now, there will be no fourth season of the show, although there is still plenty of time for that to change. Lucha Underground began in October 2014 and was a breath of fresh air in the wrestling world, but financial issues and contractual problems saw it ground to a halt in the third season.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the future of the show, the four episodes of Ultima Lucha Tres have been a certified success. Dante Fox and Killshot battled in arguably the most brutal televised wrestling match of the century, before teaming up with The Mack to win the Trios Championship. Fenix and Marty 'The Moth' followed with another violent brawl a week later, before Pentagon Dark ended part three by winning the Gift of the Gods Championship.

Last night saw the final part of Ultima Lucha Tres air, with three huge matches booked to take place. Here are your results and review of what could well be the final episode of Lucha Underground.

#1 Steel Cage Match: Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Matanza Cueto

The final part of Ultima Lucha Tres kicked off with another violent brawl, this time between Matanza Cueto and Dragon Azteca Jr. inside a steel cage. The story between these two has been brewing for the last two seasons, and the hatred in this match was tangible, to say the least.

Azteca started things off quickly, immediately hitting The Monster with a huge moonsault off the cage. The luchador didn't have things his way for long, however, as the much bigger Matanza took charge and put a beating on Dragon Azteca Jr. The beating seemed to come to an end when Matanza threw Azteca through the cage, only for Dario Cueto to restart the match, making it a pinfall and submission match in the process.

Dragon Azteca Jr. mounted a comeback but it wasn't to be, as Black Lotus appeared for the first time in months to attack him. This allowed Matanza to hit the Wrath of the Gods and pick up the victory.

Result: Matanza Cueto def. Dragon Azteca Jr.

After the match, Black Lotus shockingly hit Matanza with a powerbomb. She was all set to finally get her hands on Dario Cueto, but before she was able to do so Matanza recovered and hit her with the Wrath of the Gods.


#2 Gauntlet of the Gods Elimination Match: Cage vs. Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane

Dario made this an elimination match immediately, as the three men fought for Cage's bionic gauntlet. There was plunder-a-plenty in this one, with Crane getting busted open almost immediately as weapons were involved from the get-go. There were hammers, there was glass, there were skewers and there were tables, and Crane was the first to be eliminated.

The two big boys were left, and they immediately went toe to toe on the final stretch. This portion of the match was a little bit disappointing considering everything that came before it, but a man with skewers in his head being DDT'd is going to be difficult to top.

Mil eventually hit Cage with the Flatliner for the win.

Result: Mil Muertes def. Cage and Jeremiah Crane for the Gauntlet of the Gods

Catrina presented Mil with the gauntlet after the match, Mil punching the mat and making the lights go out in the process. When light returned to The Temple, King Cuerno was standing in the ring, making his return since being destroyed by Mil during Ultima Lucha Dos.

Cuerno attacked Mil and stole the gauntlet, as the believers inside The Temple lost their collective mind.

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