Major spoiler regarding SmackDown segment involving Sheamus and Jeff Hardy [Exclusive]

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus are set to go one-on-one at Backlash
Jeff Hardy and Sheamus are set to go one-on-one at Backlash

One of the most controversial storylines in WWE in recent times is definitely the angle that saw Jeff Hardy arrested on live television for seemingly running over Elias while under the influence of alcohol, before returning later that night to attack Sheamus and continue their feud.

With many expecting the storyline to result in a conclusion of Sheamus framing Jeff Hardy and setting him up, the pair are set to go one-on-one at WWE Backlash.

Well, WWE sources have revealed details of a major segment set for this week's WWE SmackDown ahead of the clash, which you can read below.

Beware, spoilers ahead.

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus set for controversial segment

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched WWE over the years that contract signings never go off without a hitch, and Jeff Hardy and Sheamus are set to go face-to-face in one of the most controversial contract signings in WWE history when they meet on SmackDown ahead of Backlash.

WWE sources have indicated to me that Sheamus and Jeff Hardy are scheduled to meet in the ring with Renee Young, whereby the Charismatic Enigma is confronted by not only the Celtic Warrior - but also a man in a lab coat and four security guards.


The segment sees Hardy accuse Sheamus of trying to ruin his life, while The Celtic Warrior seeks "assurances" ahead of their match, demanding that his opponent takes a urine test as he refuses to compete against a "junkie" - adamant Jeff will fail.

Hardy reportedly admits that he has a problem before Sheamus declares that the former WWE Champion has to take a test immediately while continuing to taunt The Charismatic Enigma,

The build to Backlash then takes a turn for the worse, as Sheamus pokes the bear a little too much, and Hardy throws the urine sample in the former WWE Champion's face!

Needless to say, the match is made official - and Jeff Hardy takes on Sheamus at WWE Backlash.

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