Mark Little talks how WWE 2K games led to Sting, Goldberg & The Ultimate Warrior arriving/returning to the company (Exclusive)

Sting debuted in the game before officially coming to WWE!
Sting debuted in the game before officially coming to WWE!

WWE 2K20 is out, and fans have been very vocal about it.

Team Sportskeeda was invited to officially try out the game before it was launched, where we had a chance to interact with the developers of WWE's newest game.

I had a chance to chat with Mark Little, Executive Producer at Visual Concepts, as well as Lynell Jinks, who's the Creative Director for the company and ask them questions pertaining to the game.

One question that was brought up continuously was how Superstars like Sting, Goldberg, and The Ultimate Warrior would show up on the 2K games first before they showed up to compete in the ring.

Mark Little had the following to say:

"I think WWE looks at our game as another test of what people like and are enjoying. So when one of those Superstars from old days comes back and people pop to see them in the game, I think it kinda makes it an easier decision for both the WWE and Superstar to say- 'Well, maybe let's do this some more'.

He also went on to mention how the 2K Games helped them come back to the ring:

"We've heard this from a couple of legends. They felt like people didn't care about them for so long, because they've been out of the spotlight for so very long. So jumping back into the ring would seem like a huge step. But jumping into our game is not as big a step for them. So, they get in the game and people react so strongly to them being in the game that it kinda lights that fire in them to get back in the business. It's kinda cool to see that it works both ways, you know."

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