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Matt Cardona describes the backstage differences between WWE and AEW

Matt Cardona on the differences in the backstage environments at WWE and AEW.
Matt Cardona on the differences in the backstage environments at WWE and AEW.
Matt Black
Modified 05 Apr 2021

Even though Matt Cardona was only part of AEW for a short time, he could tell the backstage differences between them and WWE.

Matt Cardona recently sat down with Innes McVey of Inside The Ropes to discuss a variety of subjects related to his career. When the subject of the backstage atmosphere came up as it relates to WWE and AEW, Cardona had a lot to say.

“I mean, I was in AEW for a cup of coffee, but I could tell right away different atmosphere. Totally different vibe. Everyone was super cool, super relaxed. Tony Khan — super approachable. Not that Vince isn’t, but Vince, you know, sometimes you’re waiting outside Vince’s office all day, and sometimes you might not get to talk to him. As opposed to Tony, who you can go like ‘Hey Tony!’ or you text him. But is the atmosphere different? Yeah, 100 percent. Because WWE, it’s this huge thing and I think almost too micromanaged where AEW is just like letting things happen. You don’t even know, like, who’s running the show, which is a good thing. There’s creative freedom in your matches as opposed to sometimes in WWE where it’s like ‘Oh, you can’t go to the floor tonight.'”

Matt Cardona sees a lot of backstage differences between WWE and AEW

Matt Cardona went on to say how he appreciated the fact that in AEW, every match was going out there trying to steal the show. Whereas, in WWE, they would want you to build the card instead and not outshine things later on in the show.

“I mean, you hear that mentality like, ‘build the card!’ and I think that’s the old school way. I’m not saying I disagree with it, but at the same time, you can’t have that ‘build the card’ attitude when you’re also telling guys, ‘Hey, stand out, grab the brass ring, go out there, bust your ass!’ Well, which one is it? As opposed to AEW, where every match is killer, and everyone’s trying to steal the show. And in WWE, sometimes you’re not allowed to.”

Are you surprised to hear about the backstage differences between AEW and WWE? Or is Matt Cardona's statement on the matter what you expected? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

Published 05 Apr 2021, 03:02 IST
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