Exclusive: Matt Riddle opens up about his first year of life as a WWE Superstar 

The Bro landed in WWE one year ago!
The Bro landed in WWE one year ago!

In two weeks, NXT will officially move to the USA Network, evolving into a live, two-hour show.

Well, Matt Riddle landed in WWE just over a year ago. When The Original Bro joined us for Episode 6 of Dropkick DiSKussions, I had to ask him all about it!

You can watch the full interview below or read it here.


I need to say congratulations. You have just surpassed your one-year anniversary as a WWE Superstar.

How would you summarise or describe the past year of your life?

The past year was good. It's been busy. I don't know. It's great. When you wrestle in the WWE and stuff like that, there's so much going on but it's all one company, you know. When I was wrestling on the indies and stuff, I would wrestle every weekend, four times a weekend but it was for four different companies, every weekend, or at least three.

Now just wrestling for one company all the time, it's just as awesome. I think that was the biggest transition. Then, you know, TV and stuff like that. But it's been a great year. I've gotten a bunch of raises, I'm making decent money. I spend a lot of time at the house during the week. I live in Florida, I train in Florida, and all of that.
Yeah, trying not to get beat up by WCW legends. Or maybe I'm trying to get beat up by him. But, you know, it's been a good year. NXT has been treating me pretty good. Not too bad.

The Original Bro also opened up about his excitement at NXT moving to the USA Network.

I've been wanting to go on live TV since I started here. For a long time, everyone's going, "You've got to go to [the] main roster, main roster." I was like, "Not a chance, I want NXT on TV, I'd rather wrestle on NXT on USA or FOX, or wherever." Now, one year later, NXT is on USA. We are starting a couple of weeks from now and it's gonna be legit.

You can watch or read the full interview here.

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