Melina denies cheating on John Morrison with Batista

Melina was faithful after all?

Former WWE Diva Melina has denied cheating on John Morrison with Batista during her time with the company. Speaking to Jim Ross on his Ross Report podcast she said 10 years later the rumors still upset her.

She confirmed that she had an on and off relationship with Morrison since coming up through developmental, but the talk of her cheating on him simply stemmed from Batista sticking up for her backstage from bullies and the gossip getting out of control. The tension the rumors caused actually led to her permanent split from Morrison, even though there was no truth to them.

Melina suggested the rumor was spread by those who picked on her to begin with, whether that was because of jealousy or another reason. She said rumors are easily spread in the wrestling business and the media reports them as fact.

Morrison is recently known for his work as Johnny Mundo on Lucha Underground.

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