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WWE News: Mick Foley's daughter reveals her crush on WWE Superstar

10.70K   //    05 Jul 2016, 20:00 IST

Holy Foley premiers on WWE Network this summer

To promote their upcoming show, Holy Foley, Mick Foley and his daughter Noelle, appeared on the recent episode of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast. As reported by, Noelle was asked about her crush in WWE. To answer that, she detailed a short, yet funny story :

"We were backstage, probably five years ago and Randy Orton drops his shirt. And I'm like, 'dad, Randy [has] just dropped his shirt' and he calls back. He's like, 'Randy, you dropped your shirt' and Randy's like, 'oh, you can have it', like pointing to me.

First thing I do is smell the shirt because that's me. And it was fruity! Randy Orton smells fruity."

The self-proclaimed 'Cactus Jill', was also questioned about the early days of her relationship with Frank ‘The Clown’, who is a notable WWE fan. Noelle admitted that :

"I just saw him from far away and was pretty much checking him out. Like, I was the creeper in this situation. I don't know. I just stopped and stared at him. Like, 'wow, he's different and weird - I like that!' I guess his weirdness attracted me. And so, like, two or three weeks later, I saw him, like, in the front row at RAW, and I tweeted him."

She claimed herself to be loyal in relationship. Noelle feels that, most of the boys behave the same and went on to say :

"Well, here's the thing: I haven't found any other guy I even liked. Like, I don't really like guys all that much because I feel like it's the same thing, like, 'oh, look at me’. I feel like if I wasn't dating Frank, I wouldn't be dating anyone.

Like, no one catches my eye. Like, oh sure, you can be attractive and muscular. That's great for you, but if you don't have a personality, why would I like you?"

Noelle Foley is currently training to be a part of the wrestling business and follow in her father’s footsteps.

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