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Mike Kanellis comments on why WWE didn't accept his requested release 

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:11 IST

Mike Kanellis as 24/7 Champion
Mike Kanellis as 24/7 Champion

The Smarks & Stripes podcast recently featured the WWE Superstar Mike Kanellis and the panel discussed several topics including his request for release, the promotion not accepting it and his thoughts on the current main roster performers.

WWE Main Roster

The former WWE 24/7 Champion has been associated with the promotion since 2017 but never received the spotlight as many fans had expected him to. Apart from the recent storyline involving him and his wife, Maria, The Miracle was rarely featured in a major segment in WWE. While discussing his tenure, Mike Kanellis revealed how the stacked main roster makes it difficult for many Superstars to achieve their desired goals in WWE.

So I mean, and I'm not saying I'm not and I'm not saying I wouldn't be a good fit, but what I am saying is if those guys are getting the opportunity and they are doing their job, and they're successful at it, then they're not necessarily going to look for next man up because there's no need. (H/t: Wrestlinginc)

Kanellis accepted that he never got the opportunity to shine in WWE and the case is similar to many other talents on the main roster. With every performer on the roster being gifted, he added that it is difficult for the promotion to provide every one of them proper screen time

You hope that it's next many up - you don't hope that someone goes down [with an injury] - but you hope that you're ready if someone goes down. But [pro] wrestling right now is just loaded with talent.
Like, everyone is just friggin' good right now and I just think that's why I think my opportunity hasn't existed.

WWE not granting the release

As someone eager to compete in the ring daily, Mike Kanellis didn't meet his goals in WWE. He would eventually ask for his release from the promotion last month but to date, WWE is yet to grant it.

As far as not giving me my release, I think it's like anywhere. The [New England] Patriots aren't going to release someone they think the [New York] Jets are going to pick up. And I think we have to think of it like that. It's not negative - that's just how it works! It works in sports and it works in wrestling.

The above statement is an obvious reference to the complex scenario between WWE and All Elite Wrestling with his above statement. For the past few months, WWE rarely granted anyone release and signed many Superstars to multi-year contracts so that they can't jump ship. Kanellis is also stuck in the situation and it will be interesting to see how his contract plays out.

Published 29 Nov 2019, 02:56 IST
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