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Mixed Match Challenge Finals Results: Bobby Roode and Charlotte vs The Miz and Asuka

Charlotte and Asuka meet five days before their match at WrestleMania in the MMC Finals
Greg Bush
Modified 04 Apr 2018

The Mixed Match Challenge has been quite an interesting side project for the WWE. Beginning with twelve teams, we've seen one match every Tuesday night for three months.

After some grueling and, sometimes, hilarious matches, only two teams remained; Bobby Roode and Charlotte, and The Miz and Asuka. Which team came out on top? Did Asuka's undefeated streak fall to her WrestleMania opponent less than a week early?

After twelve weeks, the MMC came to a close tonight

The teams of Rusev and Lana and Big E and Carmella are in the comment section of this week's match.

Charlotte and Bobby Roode came out first in matching blue robes. Roode and Charlotte hit the "Glorious" pose as they made their way down the ramp. While they made their way to the ring, a video played of Charlotte and Bobby's charity, Girl Up.

Asuka came out next, with Big E commenting that she must have a strong back because she's been carrying Miz through this entire tournament. As Miz followed Asuka out to the ramp, a video played of their charity, Rescue Dogs Rock.

Miz and Asuka argued over who would start the match, but after some begging, Asuka allowed the Intercontinental Champion to begin. Roode and Miz began with a little taunting, with Bobby Roode getting the entire crowd to chant "Glorious". Miz threw his hand up and said: "When my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut." The crowd started a "Miz is Awesome" chant that worked until Charlotte and Bobby started wooing.

Bobby hit Miz with a few chops, and as he tried to escape, was caught by a chop from Charlotte. Miz escaped a Glorious DDT attempt before getting to his corner. Miz tagged in Asuka, which gave us a sneak peak of the Smackdown Women's Championship match at WrestleMania.

Charlotte and Asuka locked up with both women forcing each other onto the mat. They stayed tied up until they rolled out of the ring, at which point they broke their hold. As they rolled back in, Miz tagged himself back in. However, Bobby almost stole the win with two roll-up pins, getting a two-count both times. Miz and Bobby worked towards the ropes, where Miz chopped his legs out from under him. He then attacked the Glorious One's leg with knee drops and various leg locks.


Bobby attempted to fight out of it, but Miz caught him with a running kick to the face.He went for the Figure-4-Leglock, but the former US Champion fought back to the ropes. Miz taunted Charlotte with a Flair strut before Roode caught him with a clothesline. Both men tagged their partners in, and Asuka came in with a lot of stiff strikes, catching her with kicks to her chest followed by the running hip attack.

Asuka was caught with a roll-up but broke out by two. Charlotte then assaulted Asuka with a few knife-edge chops, followed by a belly to back suplex. The Queen hit Asuka with a high angle moonsault, but only managed to get a two. Asuka fought off the Figure-8-Leglock. The Empress caught Charlotte with a roll-up after Miz distracted the Women's Champion, but Charlotte fought out and hit her with a big boot.


Asuka tagged the Miz back in, and Bobby Roode immediately took over. After a few running clotheslines, Roode connected with a flying clothesline from the top rope. Bobby called for the Glorious DDT, but Miz countered it into a Skull Crushing Finale before Bobby turned it back into a roll-up. Miz quickly broke out and kicked Roode in the jaw, setting up the IT kicks.

Miz hit Roode with a flurry of IT kicks but, surprisingly, missed the final one. Roode hit Miz with a spinning Uranage Slam. Miz tried to work his way to the corner, but Asuka was still out from the boot from Charlotte. Roode attempts to roll-up Miz again, but Miz counters into his patented kneeling DDT.

Miz stared at Charlotte and threw up the Horsemen sign, attempting to lock Roode in with the Figure-4. However, Bobby fought out, only for him to be thrown back on the ground again. Before he could lock it in, Charlotte speared the Miz and locked in the Figure-4-Leglock. Miz slowly made it to his feet only for Roode to slam him to the mat with a beautiful Double A spinebuster.

Roode called for the Glorious DDT, but Asuka kicked Roode in the back of the neck, allowing the Miz to hit Roode with a Skull Crushing Finale for the win. The Miz and Asuka get the win, and the $100,000 for Rescue Dogs Rock, in 12:56

Asuka's undefeated streak remains intact as she and the Miz win the Mixed Match Challenge

Asuka's undefeated streak will continue to WrestleMania, and the Miz got some great momentum heading into Sunday.

Results: Miz and Asuka defeat Charlotte and Bobby Roode

The Miz and Asuka were interviewed by Renee Young, and Miz took the mic to say that this has been the greatest week in his life. First, the birth of his daughter last week, and then winning $100,000 for Rescue Dogs Rock with Asuka.

Miz went on to say that everyone fought for great causes and charities in the MMC, but he and Asuka's goal was to win $100,000 for Rescue Dogs Rock.

Miz told the WWE Universe that Rescue Dogs Rock have given he and Asuka the momentum needed to go onto WrestleMania to win their title matches. Miz and Asuka end the night saying that, just like Rescue Dogs Rock, they are "Awe-Ska!"

Published 04 Apr 2018, 08:32 IST
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