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Mixed Match Challenge Results: Bobby Roode and Charlotte vs Apollo and Nia Jax

Greg Bush
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Apollo and Nia Jax took on one of the favorites of the tournament

This week's edition of the WWE's Mixed Match Challenge was the final match of the first round, pitting the unlikely team of Apollo and Nia Jax against the Glorious duo of Charlotte and Bobby Roode.

The Robe Warriors came out first in matching red and gold. Roode and Flair both cracked jokes and talked about their robes on the way down, not taking the match too seriously. Roode and Flair represented the Girl Up initiative. Roode mentioned to Charlotte that he was wearing one of Ric Flair's robes.

Nia came out followed by Apollo (now not Crews) who came out with the rest of Titus Worldwide. Nia wasn't too excited about this, telling Titus and Dana to shut up, shutting down any Titus Worldwide chants. Nia and Apollo represented Susan G Komen.

Apollo and Roode started the match off with a bit of taunting. Roode hit the Flair strut, but Charlotte came in to show him how it's done.

Charlotte show
Charlotte shows Bobby how it's done

As the match went underway, Roode hit Apollo with a shoulder tackle, but Apollo got the momentum back with a set of arm drags followed by an armbar. Roode forced him into the corner and hit a few knife edge chops. Apollo got out of the corner and used his agility to outmaneuver Roode before hitting him with a dropkick.

Roode was caught off guard by Apollo's speed and decided to tag in Charlotte. Nia didn't take part in the taunting that the other teams had done over the past few weeks, overpowering Charlotte quickly. Charlotte tried to get behind Nia, but Nia threw her across the ring.

Dana grabbed ahold of Charlotte's leg, allowing Nia to take a cheap shot. She yelled at the statistician of Titus Worldwide for getting involved in her business. For yelling at Dana, she got a nasty dropkick, throwing her through the ropes. Charlotte tried to grab Nia by her hair, but the Irresistible Force cut her legs out from under her.

Nia started hitting the Women's Champion with some power moves, ending with an elbow drop, which got a 2-count. Charlotte managed to avoid Nia's attack in the corner, but Dana distracted her yet again, causing Nia to knock her off the apron.

Nia is tired of Dana's interference

Nia argued with Dana Brooke again as Titus told her to focus on the match. She got back in the ring, but Charlotte caught her with a chop block and locked in the Figure-4 leglock. She couldn't put in the Figure-8, however, as Nia headbutted the Queen. Charlotte and Nia tagged their respective partners, and Bobby got the upper hand on Apollo, catching him with a handful of clotheslines and a snap neck breaker.

After a diving clothesline, Roode attempted a Glorious DDT, but Apollo avoided it, striking him with a flying single legged dropkick. Apollo caught Roode with a beautiful Sunset Flip, but Roode kicked out and quickly hit him with a spinebuster. Nia broke up the pin and tried to stop Charlotte from interfering.

Charlotte knocked Nia off the top rope and hit her with a moonsault, while Roode blocked a standing moonsault. Roode hit Apollo with a Glorious DDT and picked up the win. Roode got the pinfall in 10:44.

Results: Bobby Roode and Charlotte defeat Apollo and Nia Jax

Cole told the WWE Universe that next week's matchup is Miz and Asuka vs Finn Balor and Sasha Banks.

Renee asked the Robe Warriors if they have anything to say to their opponents. Charlotte gave the crowd a Woo, followed by an awkward "Woo" by Roode as well.

Nia took the mic from Renee, saying she had something to say to her team. She told Titus that she had been wanting to say something to him for a long time. She said Titus isn't a coach, and Dana isn't a statistician and told them that she's crunched the numbers and the two are a couple of zeros.

Nia blamed the loss on Titus and Dana, telling them that they interrupted the training, and that was why they fell short. Nia pushed Titus over as Apollo knelt behind him, assisting her in knocking Titus over. As Nia walked away after hitting Dana with a Samoan Drop, Apollo left with her.

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