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Mixed Match Challenge Results: Bobby Roode and Charlotte vs Rusev and Lana

Greg Bush
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Did Bobby Roode and Charlotte get through to the Semi-Finals?

The latest edition of Mixed Match Challenge pitted The Robe Warriors vs Ravishing Rusev Day, and Rusev and Lana planned to overthrow the favourites, Bobby Roode and Charlotte.

Roode and Charlotte entered first, with Michael Cole mentioning that Roode lost his US Title at WWE Fastlane. A promo played of Charlotte and Roode backstage, stating that they would win and it would be "Glorious." Rusev and Lana came out next. A video played of the two of them poorly imitating Roode and Charlotte.

Before the match began, Rusev started a "Lana is the best, Lana number one" chant, but Roode and Charlotte countered it with Woos.

A minor mix up caused Lana to slap Roode, causing both Charlotte and Roode to attack Rusev and Lana, who were forced to escape the ring. The match then began with Lana and Charlotte, with the Women's Champion easily overpowering the Ravishing Russian.

Rusev told Lana that she is a monster, and should challenge Charlotte to a test of strength. Surprisingly, Lana won, but she got in over her head when she tried to shoulder tackle the Queen.

Charlotte got the upper hand and attempted to put Lana in the Figure-8. However, Lana countered it and threw Charlotte into the turnbuckle. Lana continued to assault Charlotte, and almost got a pinfall with a facebuster, but Charlotte kicked out at two.

Lana then began to chop Charlotte, who caught her with an exploder suplex. Lana tagged in Rusev, bringing in the Bulgarian and Bobby Roode. Roode was too fast for Rusev, catching him with a handful of clotheslines, followed by a blockbuster, mustering a two count. Roode picked Rusev back up, but the Brute caught him with a kick to the head, taking over the match.

Rusev hit Roode with repeated elbow drops, followed by a headlock. Roode fought out of Rusev's lock, forcing him into the corner with a mix of boots and chops. Before Charlotte could get to his corner, Rusev threw him into a turnbuckle, saying that Lana is the best, Lana is number one.


Rusev locked Roode in another headlock, keeping the former US Champion on the mat, with Rusev telling the cameraman to zoom in. Roode fought back up to his feet but was knocked out with a Machka Kick. Rusev went to the middle rope for a diving headbutt, but Roode rolled out of the way, making the tag to Charlotte.

Charlotte ran in and caught Lana with a clothesline, followed by a handful of chops. Lana would attempt to fight back, but Charlotte caught her with a devastating big boot. Before Charlotte could lock in the FIgure-8, Rusev drug Lana to the corner. Lana tagged Rusev in after attempting to roll up Charlotte, who was arguing with Rusev.

Rusev came in, but Roode was still laid out after tagging Charlotte in. Charlotte hit Rusev with a bunch of chops, but Rusev wasn't fazed. However, it was a ploy by Charlotte to give Roode time to get back in the ring. The Glorious One caught Rusev by surprise, hitting him with a Glorious DDT for the win. The Robe Warriors got the three-count at 10:41

Results: Bobby Roode and Charlotte defeat Rusev and Lana

The Miz and Asuka will take on Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss next week, while Roode and Charlotte will take on whoever the fans vote in with their "2nd Chance Vote." That team will be announced on next week's episode of the Mixed Match Challenge.

A video played of Braun and Alexa. Alexa said that she's ready for Asuka, and when Braun's hands go up, Miz's mouth will go shut, permanently.

Miz and Asuka replied, stating that Braun and Alexa aren't ready for their hands and that their win will be "Awe-Ska."

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