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Mixed Match Challenge Results: Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss vs The Miz and Asuka

Greg Bush
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Did Asuka keep her undefeated streak intact?

The semifinals have finally arrived. Did Asuka keep her undefeated streak alive, or did the Miz somehow cost her that which she held so dear?

This week's edition of the Mixed Match Challenge began with Daniel Bryan still being taken to the back, with Michael Cole letting the fans know what had happened prior.

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz and Asuka came out first, with a video playing, showing the two arguing about Asuka's streak.

Asuka told Miz that if Braun Strowman pins him, it ends her streak. Miz said it was their streak.

Strowman then came out next, followed by WWE Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss.

The two gave each other a loving look, before heading towards the look.

Just like every match involving this team, a video played with them saying that they would go "All the Way" in the Mixed Match Challenge.

Miz told Asuka that she had to start the match, and the Empress had no problems with that. Bliss immediately tagged in Strowman.

Miz slowly got into the ring, but immediately tagged Asuka back in when The Monster Among Men got closer to him.


The four continued to play tag, literally, a few more times. Bliss teased locking up with Asuka but then tagged in Strowman. Miz ran in to berate Bliss for not acting like a champion, causing the Monster Among Men to hit him with a running dropkick.

The Monster Among Men continued to throw Miz around, but the A-Lister made his way back to his corner, bringing in Asuka.

Asuka knocked Bliss off of the apron, only for Strowman to catch her.

Team Little Big teased a kiss, but Braun put her in before she was counted out. Bliss dodged a kick, but Asuka brought her down with an arm wrench.

Bliss got to the ropes, then turned the match around, putting Asuka in a chokehold.

As Asuka broke out, Bliss quickly tagged in Braun, who flipped Miz over the ropes.

Strowman repeatedly hit the Intercontinental Champion with clotheslines and stomps, followed by a brutal headbutt.

Miz pleaded for Asuka during the beating, with Asuka cheering him on.

Braun gave Asuka the thumbs down and told her to say goodbye to her streak, but before he could powerslam him, Miz took out his knee with a few low chops.

He caught Strowman with the patented "It Kicks" but the Monster Among Men wasn't fazed, and hit Miz with a one-handed spine buster followed by a boot to the face, knocking him out of the ring.

Bliss brings Strowman into the corner to give him a kiss, pulling him by the beard. However, before they could lock lips, Miz attacked him from behind.

The Monster didn't like that and continued to throw Miz into each corner of the barricade. Strowman threw Miz into the ring, but that allowed him to tag in Asuka, who came in like a house on fire, catching Bliss with knee and palm strikes, almost getting a two count.

Miz tried to trip up Bliss when she got up, causing the Goddess to hit him with a dropkick.

She turned around and dodged Asuka's kick.

Both women knocked each other down, Asuka with a kick and Bliss with a stiff punch to the jaw.

Miz tried to stand up, but Strowman ran around the ring and tackled him through the barricade.

Enter c
There is no escaping the Asuka Lock

Bliss got up first and keeps Asuka on the defensive. However, she locked in the Asuka Lock after reversing out of Alexa's DDT, forcing the champ to tap out. Asuka got the win in 11:19.

Results: Asuka and The Miz defeat Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman

After the match, Strowman carried Bliss in his arms up the ramp. Asuka checked on the Miz, who was still unconscious outside the ring.

Next week, the Robe Warriors, Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair, will take on the Boss Club, Finn Balor and Sasha Banks, who won the second Chance Vote with 40%.

The Boss Club
The Boss Club looks to take on the Robe Warriors next week

Miz slowly sat up, and Asuka told him that they got to the finals.

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