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Mixed Match Challenge Results: Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs Goldust and Mandy Rose

Rose Gold vs Jimmy and Naomi
Greg Bush
Modified 07 Feb 2018, 09:46 IST

The latest episode of the Mixed Match Challenge has WWE Superstars Jimmy Uso and Naomi against the team of Rose Gold, AKA Goldust, and Mandy Rose. Jimmy and Naomi are representing the Boys and Girls Club of America while Rose Gold are wrestling for Hire Heroes USA.

Before the match begins, Goldust "films" Mandy Rose, saying that he's getting some good stuff.

Jimmy Uso tries to get Daniel Bryan and Goldust to show their footwork

The WWE Universe voted for a special guest referee for tonight's match, choosing between Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle. Bryan won with 62%, and it looks like the Blue Brand has a bit of an advantage tonight.

Jimmy Uso starts the match by defending Daniel Bryan's hairstyle and gets Bryan and Goldust to join him in some dancing. Jimmy forces Goldust to work at a quick pace, but Goldust tells him to slow down because he's a lot older than Jimmy is.

Goldust and Jimmy go back and forth showing off their "teamwork," first by kissing their partners hands, then hugging them. Jimmy thinks he can top Goldust by kissing Naomi, but Mandy is all for giving Goldust a kiss as well. Jimmy stops it by rolling him up, but Daniel Bryan refuses to count, instead, starting a no chant.

Enter capt
Goldust tells Jimmy Uso to give him a second to catch his breath

Naomi and Rose are tagged in, and Rose flicks Naomi's hair, causing Naomi to take her down with some quick moves. Mandy counters a hurricanrana into a sit out facebuster and takes over the match. Rose continues the assault while Beth Phoenix accuses Corey Graves of reducing the Golden Goddess to nothing more than eye candy.

Mandy Rose slaps Jimmy, leading to a stiff clothesline from Naomi. Naomi tags in her husband, and Jimmy hits Goldust with a few quick strikes, followed by a Samoan drop. He then hits Goldust with a running hip attack adopted from his uncle.


Jimmy and Naomi hit tandem step up enzeguris, but Goldust and Mandy hit them both with snap powerslams. Goldust plants Jimmy with the Final Cut, which looks more like a Cross Rhodes, but Naomi breaks up the pin.

Naomi hits Rose with a crossbody over the ropes, and Jimmy catches Goldust with a superkick. Naomi puts Goldust down with a Rear View, and Jimmy finishes the match off with a Samoan Splash. Jimmy and Naomi get the victory in 10:03

Results: Jimmy Uso and Naomi defeat Goldust and Mandy Rose

Rusev and Lana come out to say that they're the greatest married couple in the WWE. Rusev starts a new chant, singing "Lana is the best, Lana #1." Lana says that next week they'll crush Bayley and Elias and celebrate a Ravishing Rusev Day.

A video package plays and Elias says that next week the couple will learn to Walk With Elias, and the drifter shrugs off Bayley's attempt at a hug.


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Published 07 Feb 2018, 09:46 IST
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