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Is The Miz the best heel in the modern era of WWE?

Soumen Das
21 Nov 2018, 10:26 IST

The Miz is one of the best heels in WWE right now
The Miz is one of the best heels in WWE right now

Who would have thought that a young guy, Michael Gregory Mizanin, who debuted just 10-12 years ago would go on to become multiple times Intercontinental Champion? The Miz has had eight IC title reigns and is only behind Chris Jericho who has won it nine times.

The Miz has already had a hall of fame career. He is also one time WWE Champion, two times United States Champion, four times WWE Tag Team Champion, two times World Tag Team Champion, one time Money in the Bank winner, Triple Crown champion, Grand Slam champion, and so much more.

He has achieved a lot more than anybody would have expected seeing him in the first decade of the 21st century. The Miz has improved through the ranks like no one else. His promos are as good as the ranks of Y2Js, Rock and John Cena. He has even main evented WrestleMania.

Some might think him as a self-centered opportunist, but one must not forget about the number of tag team titles he has won with different partners which also includes the first season of the mixed match challenge with Asuka. Adding to his illustrious career, he also boasts about hosting his own live TV show, namely, The MIZ TV. However, despite having a career out of pure gold, he has always been an upper mid-carder.

His promo skills are one of best in the business right now and can easily outplay anyone. He struck gold when he cut an unforgettable promo against Daniel Bryan in one of the editions of Talking Smack when the latter called him as a coward.

Since then, they have had an ON and OFF relationship on the screen. Now since the tables have turned and Daniel Bryan has turned heel with Miz possibly turning into a face (which might or might not be good for business), there could be a possible rivalry revival between the two which might finally culminate at the Grrandest Stage of Them All.

In the possible future, in one edition of Miz TV, the Miz can call out Daniel Bryan addressing his recent win against AJ Styles and showing against Brock Lesnar using underhand tactics, a cowardly act which might lead to the resurfacing of the most heated rivalries of all time.

Miz is definitely one of the best if not the best heels of all time. Not only is he an incredible in-ring performer, his promos always evoke the perfect response from the WWE Universe and keep them hooked. Ardent fans of him can only expect him to be at the top of the mountain sometime soon. It's just a matter of time to see how things pan out.

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