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MLW Fusion Results (December 2nd, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video highlights

Major League Wrestling
Major League Wrestling
Lee Walker
Modified 03 Dec 2020

MLW Fusion had a stacked card tonight. MLW is enjoyable to watch via YouTube as well as Fubo Sports Network. Through YouTube, you can interact with other YouTubers during the show, which is very active throughout the show. 

MLW Fusion started with Low Ki talking about The Opera Cup and what the win would mean to him and his career. Next, Davey Boy Smith Jr talked about facing Low Ki in the 2019 Opera Cup, and the camera cut back to Low Ki talking about losing to DBS Jr that year.

After that segment, Contra cut into the channel somehow and delivered a promo on introducing The Black Hand of Contra, Mads Krugger.

The announce team discussed the final opening round matches for tonight's MLW Fusion. The first one was ACH taking on AAA's Laredo Kid. Before the match, Laredo Kid cut a promo and said that he's going to win the Opera Cup.

MLW Fusion Opera Cup Match: ACH vs. Laredo Kid

This match was a great back and forth match between ACH and Laredo Kid. Both men showed off their in-ring skills. The match started with each man going for a roll-up pin. Laredo Kid would hit an impressive torpedo dropkick onto ACH, sending him to the outside. Laredo Kid would hit a springboard body cross body splash on ACH on the outside causing, both men to land on the hardwood floors.

Laredo Kid showed why he's a great high flyer and showing off with a pair of moonsaults just like ECW Original Super Crazy would do. Laredo Kid would go for the pin but only get a two-count.

Laredo kid wouldn't let up on ACH as he would also hit a super cutter but fall short with only a two-count. Laredo Kid would go for a second pin and again get a two count.


After Laredo Kid would attempt to go to the top rope, ACH grabbed his foot, causing him to stumble off. Laredo Kid would go up again but was met with a move, unlike any other from ACH.

ACH would hit a tremendous moonsault like enziguri to the head of Laredo Kid while Kid was perched on the top rope. Afterwards, ACH would hit his finishing move, The Spirit Bomb, and move on to the next round of The Opera Cup and will square off against, "Filthy" Tom Lawlor.

Result: ACH defeat Laredo Kid

Grade: A.

This match was a great way to open MLW Fusion. While ACH might have made a commotion elsewhere, MLW seems like a great place for him to flourish. After the match, ACH cut a promo and made references to "The Game," and said that he is "The new Game."

Before the next MLW match, we saw a few promos. First, Tom Lawlor said that we'll see a new tag team formed called Violence is Forever.


The next promo was from Selina De La Renta in Mexico who was on business but still had her eyes set on Konnan. What is this business Selina is on? Is it for MLW? herself? We have to wait and see.

MLW Fusion match 2: Mads Krugger vs. Ariel Dominguez

Mads Krugger made somewhat of a debut last week attacking Hammerstone. Tonight he made his in-ring debut as Mads Krugger, part of Contra. Krugger's opponent was already in the ring.

Referee Larry Peace Jr started the match and Krugger didn't move. Dominguez executed a single leg on Krugger like his 140lbs is going to do something.

Krugger grabbed Dominguez by the back of the neck and started open palm slapping him in the stomach.

Krugger threw him into the turnbuckle and picked him up and proceeded to throw him onto another one on the other side. Dominguez tried to get some offense in but was met with a front facebuster slam.


Krugger got the win in under two minutes.

Result: Krugger defeats Dominguez

Grade: For the third week in a row, MLW had the second match of the night be a squash match. I cannot grade these as I don't get to see how Mads Krugger is as a performer but he looked strong in this match. Afterward, two masked men and Krugger stuffed Dominguez into a body bag, and probably never to be seen again.

The first promo after this match is Richard Holliday telling Hammerstone that his victory in The Opera Cup was for him and that he's donating his second match as well.

We see the next promo for a tag team match next week as the MLW tag team champions, The Von Erich's will take on Contra Unit of MLW Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch!

MLW Fusion Opera Cup match: Low Ki vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr


The MLW tryout referee Larry Peace Jr does all he can to keep the peace among these two men. However, shockingly to everyone DBS Jr and Low Ki start the match with a handshake. The handshake shocks the commentary team. This opening round match is a rematch from last year's Opera Cup.

Both men's ring gear is paying homage to legends of the ring. DBS Jr ring gear pays tribute to his father, The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, and Low Ki's ring gear pays tribute to Hasahiro Chono of NJPW.

DBS Jr and Low Ki started this match off very defensively. Low Ki would get an ankle pick on DBS Jr, and turn it into an ankle/knee submission. DBS Jr would roll out of it and, in turn, put Low Ki into a leg lock submission. Low Ki would get to the ropes forcing DBS Jr to let go of the submission. The referee would keep the peace and have both men start back on their feet. DBS Jr would hit a headlock on Low Ki.

Low Ki would throw a kick to the knee of DBS Jr causing enough pain and proceeded to hit a fantastic Dragon Screw on him.

While Low Ki went for DBS Jr's knee, DBS took it upon himself to target Low Ki's arm with a Dragon Arm Screw.

DBS Jr would continue his focus on the arm of Low Ki with a reverse armbar. DBS Jr would Irish whip Low Ki into the corner and put an armlock onto him, which caused the referee to start a five-count.


This match was very technical. At one point, Davey Boy Smith Jr went to hit a stalling suplex from the middle rope, but it was risky at best, and Low Ki would reverse it and go for his double foot stomp, but miss. Low Ki would hit a signature move, the Tidal Wave.

Low Ki would lock a submission onto DBS Jr but switch into a roll-up and pick up a shocking victory over DBS Jr.

Result: Low Ki defeats Davey Boy Smith Jr.


Grade: A. This was a great match, and the competitors and referee looked fantastic in this match. This was truly a great match to be the MLW Fusion main event for tonight.

After the match, Low Ki would cut a promo while the MLW announcers would go on the break down of next week's show and the semi-finals to The 2020 Opera Cup.

We are two matches away from knowing the MLW 2020 Opera Cup finals. Tom Lawlor will take on ACH, and Low Ki will square off against Richard Holliday! Make sure to tune in to SK for next week's MLW results.

Published 03 Dec 2020, 10:07 IST
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