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MLW, NWA & Create A Pro stars on life before, during & after the Coronavirus (Exclusive)

  • Stars from great wrestling promotions tell Sportskeeda what they've been up to.
  • Prepare to be entertained, amused, moved and/or inspired by stars from MLW, NWA and Create A Pro.
Modified 21 Mar 2020, 06:43 IST

The Dynasty
The Dynasty's Richard Holliday

Presently, the entirely world is being affected the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This impact is not only being felt by the carriers of this virus, and not only the friends and families of those carrying the virus, but just about every industry out there.

Professional wrestling is one of the industries especially affected by the Coronavirus. All of the world's major professional wrestling companies have been forced to change their plans for the present and immediate future, impacting the employment of countless people. The absence of traditional professional wrestling in front of paying audiences also impacts thousands of performers, many of whom with uncertain futures as a result of the cancellation of WrestleCon and similar mass gatherings in the coming weeks and months.

To learn more about how the Coronavirus is impacting wrestlers these days, I had the pleasure of interviewing five great performers:

Prepare to be entertained, educated and/or inspired from the responses below.

When the Coronavirus threat has been averted, what are your plans?

Richard Holliday: Well for me personally, my commitment to my brand doesn’t change simply because a global pandemic is developing. I’ll be just as aggressive from a marketing perspective as I always am for myself and for The Dynasty.

Ricky Starks: Plans are to jump back in full throttle. I'm still training and keep my body up to speed so it's only a small setback. I need to keep my body as if I only took a day off.

Ikuro Kwon: My plans will remain the same: Work hard, set goals, and continue to learn every day.


Aaron Rourke: My plans, after the Coronavirus threat has ended, are to try and get back to my everyday life and routine. Working, going to the gym, training, seeing my friends, etc. 

Max Caster: Definitely get back to wrestling. In the ring is the only time I'm truly happy. Until then, I'm taking this opportunity to enjoy the real world away from wrestling.

What has this pandemic taught you?

Richard Holliday: Knowledge is power, and any wise man understands that knowledge is a never-ending development. However, this epidemic has taught me nothing. My hygiene has always been perfect. I’ve always avoided people who aren’t Dynastic. I’ve also always taken my body and immune system more serious than the average man. 

Ricky Starks: It's taught me that a lot for things can happen so quickly and if you aren't even prepared a tiny bit, it can throw everything off for you. I thankfully had just stocked up before the grocery stores became a madhouse.

Ikuro Kwon: This epidemic taught me that "everybody has a plan till they get punched in the face.” One’s true character is revealed when their back is against the wall. Maturity and honesty are easy to show when youre comfortable. When s*•* hits the fan, pay attention to those who open their hearts.

Aaron Rourke: This current epidemic has taught me how life can throw you curveballs and you have to be ready. You have to be able to adapt and make do with what you have. Also, I’ve learned that people need to care more and show more unity. Even if you don’t believe that this virus is as dangerous as it’s being made out to be, there are people who are afraid and are suffering from it. We all need to show a little more compassion. 

Max Caster: Don't eat bat soup and don't believe everything you hear.

For the people holed up during this scare, any movie, music or YouTube recommendations?

Richard Holliday: Yes, go on YouTube. Go to the MLW page. Subscribe. Watch every episode. Something Dynastic happens every episode.

Ricky Starks: I have a few, including Prince - Something In The water (Live) Best Ever Version and Hayabusa & Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. Yoshinari Ogawa & Kentaro Shiga (April 19, 1997).

Ikuro Kwon: I believe the less distractions the better. Take this time to connect with family and friends, everyone is in their own world going a million miles an hour and fail to look at this as an opportunity to connect and create or improve bonds with people that one would prioritize in their life. As far as music, I'm a hip-hop head so id suggest Jadakiss’ new album Ignatius if you appreciate the art and essence of rap.

Aaron Rourke: Well, if they love pro wrestling they can go watch my matches on YouTube -- just kidding! The Good Place is a really great series to binge watch on Netflix. If anyone is into like prison dramas, or was fans of Orange Is The New Black, they should really watch Wentworth! It’s longer than most series, but I was so hooked I finished 7 seasons in 2 weeks! 

Max Caster: Everyone should spend their quarantine listening to my music. Look up "Shook Crew" on YouTube and enjoy.

What's the best way to support you in the long run?

Richard Holliday: The consumers can continue to support by referring all of my tweets and buying my shirts on Disclaimer: I would have said that regardless of the epidemic. 

Ricky Starks: Honestly, if you visit that'd be the easiest way.

Ikuro Kwon: Best way to support? Don't glorify ignorance, don't fetishize stupidity. At the end of the day, real recognizes real. Imma do me forever and it's been goin well.

Aaron Rourke: The best way to support me? Tough question. I guess a better way to answer this question is to open it up to the wrestling community as a whole. The best way to support wrestlers and wrestling companies, like me, is to help out in any way possible. If you can, buy wrestlers merchandise, support them, share your favorite wrestlers matches and videos, etc. 

Max Caster: Emotionally.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Ricky Starks: For the kids: Wash your hands.

Ikuro Kwon: Inequality is trained, hatred is taught. But equity can be learned and love can be spread. The world will tell you to “be whatever you want” then you grow up and find out they meant “be whatever you want, as long as you fit into a box that makes sense.” Embrace yourself always, and protect your dreams. Surround yourself with those who encourage and respect your goals, and you can't buy work ethic from a store.

Aaron Rourke: I can’t imagine being a young kid and going through this. The amount of fear and confusion that they must have is upsetting. I’d say not to worry about anything. Time will pass and things will get better. Don’t let fear run your life.

Max Caster: Life is unpredictable. Do the things you love. Remember to say "please" and "thank you."

Richard Holliday: No.

Published 21 Mar 2020, 06:43 IST
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