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MLW Tag Team reveal why they didn't sign with WWE

Karan Bedi
Published Jan 02, 2020
Jan 02, 2020 IST

Continuing in their family
Continuing in their family's footsteps

The Von Erichs (Marshall Von Erich and Ross Von Erich) spoke with Dallas Morning News to discuss their famous wrestling family legacy, their current work in MLW and more. They also revealed that they turned down WWE as their family's interaction with the promotion didn't work out as well.

The sons of Kevin Von Erich revealed that their uncle worked for WWE in 1990 and it didn't work out very well. In WWE, he was called The Texas Tornado. It played a part in their decision to not work for the company. They said:

“Uncle Kerry worked for WWE for a while. It didn’t turn out so great. We weren’t really sure what direction they wanted to go with us, and our name."

They further explained that MLW has been a blessing in disguise for the team. They said:

"Is wrestling for us? If WWE is the only place to go, then it’s not for us. MLW and Court [Bauer] were like a blessing in disguise for us. We just love the guy. We’re going to do what we’re told by the boss, but if he wants us to change our names and we’re under contract… we get into legal issues. We just didn’t want to worry about that stuff. We’re honored to be Von Erichs and we never want that to change." 

The duo are well aware of their family legacy and from their words, it's easy to see that they're looking to forge their own path going forward.

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