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Money In The Bank 2018: Men's Money In The Bank ladder match, winner, video highlights and analysis

Greg Bush
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r. Money in the Bank?

The men of Raw and Smackdown looked to get their hands on that illustrious briefcase that almost guarantees a championship run.

Seven of the eight members of tonight's match made their way to the ring before the New Day appeared at the top of the ramp, teasing who would enter the MITB ladder match.

As Xavier Woods ripped off his shirt, Kofi was painted on his chest, and Kofi Kingston entered the ring. Michael Cole noted that this was Kofi's record-breaking 7th MITB match.

Braun Strowman is forced into the corner by the rest of the competitors before breaking out, taking each member of the field down one by one with shoulder tackles and clotheslines. Strowman, alone in the middle of the ring, attempted to bring a ladder into the ring. Samoa Joe and Kofi teamed up to force Strowman back, and everyone, yet again, teamed up on the Monster Among Men.

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Roode, Balor, Rusev, Miz, and Joe buried Strowman with ladders. While the rest of the competitors continued to bury Strowman, Miz snuck into the ring and attempted to steal the briefcase. Joe, however, raced down and knocked the A-Lister down. Joe forced Miz into the corner with the ladder before Kofi landed a Trouble in Paradise on the Submission Machine. Kofi then got some offence in on the Miz, hitting the Boom Drop on the former IC Champion while a ladder laid across his body.

Kofi made his way to the top of the ladder before Kevin Owens dragged him back down, landing a superkick that forced Kingston to the outside. Owens then made his way to the top, only to be stopped by his longtime rival Finn Balor. KO and Balor fought back and forth in the ring, but Balor got the better of the Prize Fighter with a double stomp to the chest. Roode attempted a Glorious DDT, but Balor countered with a roll-up followed up with a basement dropkick.

As he got back to his feet, however, KO came back into the ring with a ladder, catching the leader of the Balor Club in the sternum. KO took Balor to the outside, superkicking the inaugural Universal Champion onto the announcer's desk. KO set up a ladder near the table, teasing a frog splash onto Balor. Rusev went for the briefcase, though, causing KO to leave Balor alone for now. Rusev hit KO with an exploder suplex onto a ladder but was caught by Samoa Joe before he could capitalize.

As Joe landed an enziguri on the Bulgarian Brute, Kofi Kingston caught Joe with a springboard clothesline. The Miz tried to put a stop to Kofi's momentum, but the veteran forced him to the outside before leaping on five of the competitors, being caught by his opponents.

Balor took this opportunity to leap over the ropes, taking everyone out with a somersault plancha. As Balor went to pick up another ladder, Strowman awoke, taking out Roode, Balor, and Kofi before being forced back to the pile of ladders near the stage by KO, Rusev, and Joe.

Kevin Owens set up a table while Rusev kept Strowman down with ladder shots. KO directed Rusev to put Strowman on the table, and Samoa Joe assisted the former Universal Champion with a Coquina Clutch. KO superkicked Strowman while he was in Joe's vice-grip, before climbing an abnormally tall ladder.

Strowman fought back off the table, forcing Kevin Owens to try to slide down the ladder. However, Strowman raced upwards, catching KO, who apologized and begged for mercy. The Monster heard none of it, plummeting KO to the bottom through a table. He then made quick work of Rusev, Joe and Kofi Kingston, chokeslamming Kofi on the ladder.

Balor and Roode set up a barricade, attempting to hit him with a ladder. Strowman ran through it, knocking the two men down. Miz, terrified, tried to quickly scamper up the ladder but was caught by Strowman who beat the A-lister into a pulp.

Samoa Joe stopped Braun from ascending the ladder, forcing him outside with a clothesline. As Joe made his way up, Balor dropkicked Braun over a barricade. Balor raced up to join Joe, but Bobby Roode knocked the ladder down, launching Balor into the ring post.

Joe took out Roode but was met by Rusev, who threw the Submission Machine over the ropes. The Bulgarian Brute then took out Roode and a returning Kofi with kicks to the head, then locking in an Accolade on them both. Miz tried to sneak up behind Rusev with a Skull-Crushing Finale, but Rusev stopped it, adding him to the Accolade Tower.

Joe came in to break up Rusev's "stackolade" (quote Corey Graves) but Rusev landed a superkick on Joe's jaw and made his way to the top of the ladder. As the crowd erupted in Rusev Day chants, the Miz knocked the former US champion off the top and made his way to the briefcase, almost unhooking it before New Day's Kofi Kingston stopped him.

Kofi and Miz fought at the top before the Glorious One, Bobby Roode, knocked the ladder over. As he celebrated, Balor landed a slingblade on the former NXT Champion. Balor cleared the ring of Miz and Kofi, then hit a Coup De Grace from the outside ladder on Bobby Roode. Balor slowly made his way up the ladder on weak ankles, but Strowman, awake again, caught him. Strowman threw Balor to the outside before powerslaming both Joe and Miz.

As the Monster made his way up the ladder, Balor raced up the other side and Kofi Kingston leapt onto Kofi's back. Strowman knocked Balor down and threw Kofi off of his back, before pulling down the briefcase.

Braun Strowman won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The Monster Among Men is now the Monster with a briefcase, as Strowman has just earned the title "Mr. Money in the Bank." Strowman's immense power was too much for Raw and Smackdown's best to handle. As Strowman held the briefcase above his head, the Chicago crowd showered him with "Get These Hands" chants to end the show.

Braun Strowman had another dominating performance tonight, breaking through ladders like they were cardboard. What's next for Strowman? Will he set his eyes on the Universal Championship tomorrow night?

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