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Mustafa Ali calls out Reddit user for racist "joke"

Gary Cassidy
Published Jan 06, 2020
Jan 06, 2020 IST

Mustafa Ali said the comment was "rough"
Mustafa Ali said the comment was "rough"

Mustafa Ali is one of the true innovators in the world of wrestling today. A man who's more than happy to call out anything he believes to be wrong, and a man providing a beacon of hope for the WWE Universe that things can be different going forward, Ali is most certainly a role model for younger, and older, WWE viewers.

That being said, sometimes Ali shares things on social media that leave the majority of people absolutely baffled as to how such things can actually formulate in anyone's mind - and there's no doubt the latest one did just that - as the SmackDown Superstar noted that there's still work to be done.

Said joke was, rightfully, also called out on Reddit and the post has now been deleted.

Ali, real name Adeel Alam, was born and raised in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and would even walk the beat as a police officer in the Chicago area before following his dreams to be a WWE Superstar. Ali's father was from Karachi, Pakistan, and his mother from New Delhi, India, and the former 205 Live Superstar often speaks of hoping to bring everyone together, and essentially make the world a better place - something Ali told Sportskeeda about in 2018.

"No-one's different. They're all the same. I love the fact that I'm in the position where I can bring people together."

As I noted on Twitter, the one positive to take from the "joke" is that it was met with mostly confusion on the social media site, as most users didn't get the implication of the meme, however - as Ali said, the "joke" most definitely shows that this type of ignorance still exists in the world, meaning there is still work to be done.

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