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MVP talks Batista being a selfless champion, changing a finish to benefit him

Ratish Menon
7.05K   //    01 Jan 2016, 14:52 IST
MVP involved in a main event program with Batista

On a recent episode of Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, former WWE & TNA star MVP was the guest and he looked back on his time in the WWE among many other things. The former WWE United States champion was particularly effusive in his praise of his close friend, former WWE champion Dave Batista.

Below are some highlights from his appearance on Roberts’ show:

Batista sticking up for him in the WWE

MVP claimed that Batista was like a ‘brother’ to him, and their bond was established during an angle when MVP was working with him on a house show loop, with Batiosta being the champ.

“We had been doing a television feud. It wasn’t a pay-per-view feud, but, every week, he and I were going through something, wrestling, and he had beaten me, like, two weeks in a row on TV.

And the finish that day was he was going to beat me again. And I know my role. I’m a heel! He’s the money guy. He’s a star. That’s what I’m there for. I have no problem with that.” recounted MVP.

However Batista had a problem with it and didn’t understand the point in having a guy like MVP getting beat by him over and over again. He instead took MVP to Vince’s office and had the finish changed to a one where MVP beat him by count-out. 

“That doesn’t happen very often in the world of professional wrestling. There aren’t that many guys that think that selflessly and see the picture in that way, so that’s the kind of guy he is.” concluded MVP on Batista.

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