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WWE News: Natalya opens up on her backstage problems with Lana

Daniel Wood
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Natalya and Lana facing each other in the ring

Natalya and Lana facing each other in the ring

What's the story?

Anyone who has been watching Total Divas will know that Natalya and Lana may not always see eye-to-eye, in fact, they are quite often at each other's throats.

Recently in an interview with TVInsider Natalya discussed Tyson Kidd's new role in the WWE, her record-breaking pay-per-view appearance at Hell In a Cell and, what everyone's really interested in, her backstage problems with the Ravishing Russian.

In case you didn't know...

The animosity between Natalya and Lana has been a regular thing in Total Divas with the pair often falling out and bickering over Lana's incessant asking of questions and high maintenance personality.

For example here's a video of Natalya getting annoyed with Lana for a few reasons and Rusev trying to make peace in November 2016.

The heart of the matter

Whilst the above video showed Natalya's frustrations with Lana from November 2016 leading to Natalya stating that she wants to bodyslam her, it seems that almost a year later Natalya is still getting frustrated at Lana for the same things and still wants to bodyslam her.

Natalya told TVInsider that Lana drove her mad on their recent tour of China, saying the following,

“I was ready to bodyslam her in China. She was asking way too many questions,”

What's next?

Well, short of Natalya actually bodyslamming Lana not a lot! I imagine the pair will be up to their usual tricks of causing as much drama as possible on Total Divas and that's where the issues between the two will end.


That's because in real life they're actually really good friends with Natalya actually acting as the wedding planner for the wedding between the Ravishing Russian Lana and the Bugarian Brute Rusev.

But here's a video of Natalya clotheslining Lana just for fun.

Author's Take

As mentioned previously Natalya and Lana are actually good friends and any on-screen problems between the two seem to be in jest. However I do enjoy their little tiffs on Total Divas, but not as much as when they're getting on, like when this happened.

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