New Day's real backstage reaction after WWE informed them about the split revealed

Vince McMahon and The New Day.
Vince McMahon and The New Day.

WWE finally pulled the trigger on the New Day's split on the Draft episode of SmackDown as Big E was kept on the Blue brand while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were sent to RAW.

While it wasn't a conventional breakup, the New Day will no longer be together on WWE TV. They even wrestled their farewell SmackDown match on last week's season premiere episode on FOX. Ryan Satin recently interviewed Big E for FOX sports. The SmackDown Superstar spoke in length about WWE's decision to end the New Day's run and what happened backstage before the angle unfolded on TV.

Big E revealed that the New Day was told about the split two days before it happened.

"We probably got two days in advance. Which, I think a lot of it was to ensure that we didn't show up to work and if we heard the news then, I assume that people just imagine that we would be tearing up the halls, knocking down doors, crying in public, just fits of rage. So I feel like they decided, let's give 'em a couple of days to simmer down at home before we had to actually do this on TV."

Big E admitted that they were initially unhappy about the company's plan to break up the trio as the team believed that they still had a lot to offer on various levels.

The former Intercontinental Champion had heard rumors of the New Day split. He even spoke to one of the WWE writers about the speculation discussed backstage and on the internet.

Big E explained that the fans had gotten used to seeing the New Day as goofy characters, but they could have also tapped into a more serious side and possibly become aggressive heels, which he termed as 'militant New Day.'

Big E, however, was glad that there aren't live events happening anymore as he would have had to break up from his riding crew, which would have been a painful experience for him.

"Initially, obviously, we were not pleased. I'd heard some rumors maybe a month prior that it was something discussed. But I've heard rumors for years that we're gonna be broken up, that one of us is gonna turn on the other, and we've been able to weather a lot of those storms. But it felt like there was more momentum towards some kind of a split.
So I had an opportunity to talk to one of the writers and say, "Hey, just so you know, I heard one of these rumors. Is this a viable option?" And I was told, like, "Hey, there are many options being presented," and they would neither confirm nor deny. But we just wanted to let them know that we feel like there's still a lot of cache in us as a trio. We still feel like there's so many things that we haven't done as a trio. As much fun as we've had doing the goofy, slapstick New Day stuff, when Woods came out in that white and red suit in 2014, you never got to see militant New Day.
You never got to see us really be aggressive heels. We were just goofy heels and it worked, but I feel like there's so much we can offer as a trio. That's kinda what I wanted to present to them. There's so much we can do as a trio. But, with some time, it's something that obviously we didn't want to happen … but I think about the fact that we're in an era right now where we don't have live events. So I'm not being broken up from my riding crew."

Big E feels that WWE came up with the best-case scenario for the New Day split


Big E said that as much as he hated the idea of a New Day split, what happened was the best-case scenario as they are still together in a way and are just separated by shows.

"As much as we didn't want it to happen, I think the way it happened is kind of the best case scenario. So for us it's just trying to find that silver lining and hopefully it allows us all to kind of spread our wings a little bit. And I think it will allow for the reunion, I think when that happens (which I'm sure it will), to feel bigger. We still have our podcast. We still have a few other projects in the works that I'm really excited about, with us as a collective. So, it's still The New Day. We're still together. We're just separated by shows."

Big E is all set to get a massive singles push on SmackDown, and it could culminate in a high-profile Universal title feud later down the line.

Kingston and Woods are expected to spearhead the RAW Tag Team division, and as Big E noted, the upcoming few months would help add another dimension to their respective characters, which is always a good thing.

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