21-year-old star breaks character as she opens up about her off-screen relationship with Bayley

Bayley is a member of Damage CTRL faction
Bayley is a member of Damage CTRL faction

WWE star Roxanne Perez recently opened up about her relationship with Damage CTRL member Bayley.

Perez made her main roster debut at the Royal Rumble premium live event. She entered the squared circle at number 8 and was welcomed by fans with a pop.

Roxanne was eventually eliminated from the match by Damage CTRL members, The Role Model, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY.

Speaking in a recent interview on "Under the ring" podcast, Perez broke character as she mentioned how close she is to The Role Model.

She revealed that the Damage CTRL member took care of her, Cora Jade, Jacy Jayne, and Indi Hartwell while they were at NXT.

“There’s a couple people, but one that really sticks out to me is Bayley. While she was down in the PC for rehab, we kind of got close. She kind of took me, Cora [Jade], Jacy Jane, and Indi Hartwell under her wing and she gave us so much advice.”

Roxanne heaped praise on Bayley and stated that the latter was like an elder sister to her.

“She’s so awesome. She was always so open to me going up to her and asking her wrestling questions or even just life questions. She’s been like a big sister to me and it’s cool because I’ve looked up to her for so long,” said Perez. (H/T- Wrestling Headlines)

Bayley revealed why Damage CTRL attacked Becky Lynch on RAW XXX

Bayley recently revealed why Damage CTRL attacked Becky Lynch on RAW XXX.

While speaking on RAW Talk with Byron Saxton, The Role Model mentioned that she didn't want to do everything that Becky Lynch wanted and that was the only reason why her stablemates attacked The Man prior to the scheduled Steel Cage match between The Role Model and Lynch.

She elaborated as follows:

"I was supposed to be in a cage match because that's what Becky wanted? Am I supposed to do whatever Becky wants? No, I have a mind of my own, Dakota has a mind of her own, IYO has a mind of her own, we don't have to listen to anybody.
We are called Damage CTRL, which means we are in control, okay? Becky doesn't tell me what to do or when to do it or where to be or when I'm gonna put my body on the line for this kind of match."

It would be interesting to see if The Man gets an opportunity to face The Role Model in a one-on-one match in the near future.

What are your thoughts on Becky Lynch and The Role Model's ongoing feud? Sound off in the comment section below.

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