25-year-old superstar hints at The Judgment Day moving away from WWE RAW

The Judgment Day was created on WWE RAW!
The Judgment Day are the most dominant faction on WWE RAW!

The Judgment Day has been a part of the red brand ever since its inception by former leader Edge. However, the landscape of WWE has changed and former SmackDown Tag Team Champion Dominik Mysterio hinted at the stable moving to the blue brand.

Earlier this year, The Rated-R Superstar turned towards the dark side and created The Judgment Day. However, the group eventually outgrew the former WWE Champion and accepted Finn Balor as their new leader by kicking the Hall of Famer out of the stable.

After WWE Clash at The Castle 2022, Dominik Mysterio joined the heinous group by betraying his father Rey Mysterio and Edge. Speaking to Mike Jones, the 25-year-old superstar mentioned what's next for the stable. He also hinted that the faction could make its way to the blue brand to face his father:

“I’m definitely keeping my eye on my dad over on SmackDown. He’s doing some things over there. Apparently, he moved over and got an Intercontinental title shot, so maybe I gotta make my way over there.” [H/T - WrestlingInc]

It will be interesting to see if the group does move to the blue brand and Dominik Mysterio gets to feud with his father.

The Judgment Day's Dominik Mysterio reveals why he didn't change his ring name after joining the stable

Before joining The Judgment Day, Rey and Dominik Mysterio were the first-ever father-son duo to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships. The pairing defeated The Dirty Dawgs to become the SmackDown Tag Team Champions before losing the title to The Usos.

In September, Mysterio betrayed his father and joined The Judgment Day on the red brand. Despite his betrayal sending his father all the way to SmackDown, Dominik continued his assault on Rey Mysterio. In the same interview, the 25-year-old superstar revealed why he chose to keep the Mysterio name:

“The reasons that I am upset at him are not because of the Mysterio name. It’s because of what he’s chosen to do with the Mysterio name. So I think for me, I understand the value that the name carries, and I understand what he’s done for the name. I think the Mysterio name needs to stay with me because I think I can take it to a level that Rey Mysterio hasn’t taken. Which is something to be said because that is a global name, so we’ll see.” [H/T - WrestlingInc]

It will be interesting to see if Rey Mysterio gets his revenge on the stable and faces Dominik Mysterio in the future, potentially even at WrestleMania.

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